My manhood is not rising anymore — Charly Boy

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Veteran Nigerian singer, Charles Oputa, better known as Charly boy has revealed some personal aspects of his life.

The King Of Boys actor, while taking a trip down memory lane revealed that while his mates were in school, he was busy impregnating women. The septuagenarian further noted that now his manhood does not rise.

In a video posted on his verified Instagram account, the self-acclaimed area father noted that he has so many kids that he cannot account for the whereabouts of some of them.

He said, “Life is funny. I remember when I was young, my mates were in school but I was impregnating women up and down. That is how I got about ten children and sixteen grandchildren. I don’t even know where they are some are not even registered. See life. I remember one time in my life, I married this person, that person and divorced them.

“That is how I met one woman who has been there for 45 years. We were both eying each other, we did not know what to do with ourselves. I remember a time in my life when I said that if I die, they will bury me with my bike. I have taken my bike to South Africa, and London, and I came back. For the past five years, I have not ridden a bike.

“I remember a time in my life when I had dreadlocks to the extent that I said it was the last hair design I would do in my life, that is how the hair on my head began to fall off. I decided to shave it all off. I remember a time whereby I would see a lady’s butt and I would begin to shake. Look at me now, my manhood does not rise again. How do you see this life because it is tiring.”

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