REPORT: How corrupt police officer attempts to frustrate rape case in Lagos

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When Chinwe Chijioke’s (Not real name) father was leaving for Italy in 2015, he put his family in the care of Pastor McDouglas Omosokpea, who started playing the role of a father to them.

In late 2016, Omosokpea, who runs the Peculiar Generation Assembly Church at Oshodi, Lagos, Southwest Nigeria, called for special prayers for virgins.

Since she was one, Chinwe joined other virgins for the special prayers.

But the prayers were for the flesh than the soul, as the cleric turned the teenager into his sex slave.

She was just 15 years old when Omosokpea started raping her repeatedly until she attempted suicide in 2019.

It would take three years before her mother knew all was not well with her once brilliant and lively daughter. 

In 2018, Chinwe became traumatised, and she was performing poorly academically despite gaining admission to a university.

Suicide attempt

Things, however, came to a critical point in 2020 when she told her mother about her decision to commit suicide.

Chinwe woke up during the COVID-19 lockdown, crying with a bottle of sniper solution (an insecticide) in her hand when her mother entered her room. After hours of persuasion, she told her mother that Omosokpea had consistently raped her from early 2017 until her confession.

The victim’s mother told TheNigerian News that she fainted upon her daughter’s confession. Later that day, Pastor Omosokpea was confronted and didn’t deny the allegation.

The cleric simply begged the victim’s mother not to escalate the issue in various audio tapes obtained by our reporter. Upon hearing about the evil perpetrated by the cleric, Chinwe’s father ordered his arrest.

The matter was thereafter reported at Makinde Police Division, Oshodi, in April 2020. For two months, Omosokpea was on the run.

Corrupt police officer

Sule Gowon, the investigating police officer (IPO) in charge of the case, later demanded N100,000 from the victim’s parents as mobilisation fee to arrest the accused.

Chinwe’s mother says they gave N30,000 to the police, who did nothing until officers from  Zone 2 came to arrest her and the victim for alleged defamation of Pastor Omosokpea. He told the police that he had the victim’s consent for all he did.

TheNigerian News understands that Chinwe, being underage, according to the Child’s Right Act, is unfit to consent to sexual acts. So even if it were to be proven that an underage victim gave consent, it would be regarded as statutory rape.

Sections 358 and 359 of the Criminal Code Act – Part Five says, “anyone who commits the offence of rape is liable to life imprisonment. Again, an attempt to commit the offence is felonious and the offender is liable to a 14-year imprisonment upon conviction”.

Also, Section 31 of the Child’s Right Act 2003 says that “a person who commits an offence of ‘defilement’ is liable on conviction to life imprisonment”.

After the victim’s mother told the police in Zone 2 their side of the story, the cleric was arraigned before a magistrate’s court in Ogba, Lagos, in June 2020. 

Since the prison could not admit more inmates due to COVID-19, he was remanded in police custody, where he spent several months as the police waited for the advice of the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP).

TheNigerian News obtained an audio record of Sule Gowon, a police Inspector, advising the victim’s parents to take monetary compensation from Omosokpea and bury the case.

“This man (Omosokpea) won die o. We can’t take him to prison because of COVID-19. He called me and asked me to beg you that he would pay any amount you want to collect so he won’t die in the case,” Gowon said in the audio recording.

 “I’ve spoken to him, and he is ready to pay. His wife has come to beg me, and they’ve been on my neck for two weeks now. That is why I came to tell you what he wants. I’m not a party to that, but I will advise that since he realised his mistake…Even if you want a million naira, I will tell him to pay you.”

When contacted, the Inspector did not deny the allegations. He promised to call back but failed to do so as of press time.

When contacted, the cleric said, “I don’t want to talk about this matter.”

The victim’s parents have involved the Lagos State Government, and the cleric is currently remanded in prison.

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