Prof Wole Soyinka rejects Christianity, Islam, ifa

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Nobel laureate, Prof Wole Soyinka has declared that he is not a religious person.

According to him, he is neither a Christian, Muslim nor an Orisa worshipper.

The literary icon made this known on Sunday during a public presentation of his two-volume collection of essays, saying he found nothing wrong with using mythologies as part and parcel of his creative warehouse.

He also said that he is a mythologist and believes that people have a right to create myths around themselves based on their experiences.

“Do I really need one (religion)? I have never felt I needed one. I am a mythologist,” Soyinka said.

“But religion? No, I don’t worship any deity. But I consider deities as creatively real and therefore my companions in my journey in both the real world and the imaginative world.”

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