Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim emerges as Prime Minister

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Malaysia’s opposition leader, Anwar bin Ibrahim, has been appointed as the 10th Prime Minister of the country.

A statement issued on Thursday by the national palace, announced that the 75-year-politician and statesman, who is the leader of the Pakatan Harapan (PH) coalition, will be sworn in at 5pm local time.

The statement further said that “Malaysia needs a stable government that will reinvigorate the economy and national development.”

The country had been at a political standstill following the results of the November 19 general polls, as no political coalition or party won enough seats in the lower house of parliament to form a government.

The King, Sultan Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah, however, intervened and met with the heads of major coalitions for an amicable solution.

Anwar, whose coalition emerged as the biggest winner with 82 seats, was subsequently named as the new Prime Minister.

The social justice and equality advocate is now expected to form a new government for the Southeast Asian nation.

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