Colombian landslide leaves three dead, 20 trapped

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A landslide which reportedly engulfed a road on Sunday in Colombia has left three people dead and about 20 trapped in the mud.

Authorities said rescue crews are searching for people riding on a bus and a motorcycle that were caught up in the accident in a remote area of a municipality called Pueblo Rico in northwest Colombia.

Reacting to the incident, President Gustavo Petro tweeted “Nine rescued, three fatalities, and an estimated 20 who remain to be found. It is a tragedy”.

Civil defense officials said one of the deceased was a girl aged about seven.

Also, one survivor, Andres Ibarguen, said the driver of the bus managed to dodge the worst of the landslide.

Ibarguen noted “Part of it was coming down and the bus was a little bit back from that. The bus driver was backing up when it all came crashing down”.

Civil defense officials said the bus had set out from the city of Cali with 25 passengers.

The government revealed that the rainy season that began in August is Colombia’s worst in 40 years, causing accidents that have left more than 270 people dead.