Sowore vows to create new Nigerian constitution if elected president

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The African Action Congress, ACC’s presidential candidate, Omoyele Sowore, has promised to create a new constitution for the country if elected president.

The activist who stated this while featuring, on Channels TV’s Sunrise Daily, also promised to reduce the cost of governance.

Asked on drastic decisions he would take if elected, he said, “let’s break it into two segments: one is foundational because Nigeria has foundational problem that is why people are asking for restructuring. But one of the drastic measures I will take is to start towards creating a brand new constitution for Nigeria.

“That is foundational and the constitution will take into consideration drastic things I like to do. I like to cut down the cost of governance, one of the ways I want to do that is to get rid of one of legislative arms in Nigeria. I am not going to do that without their support but that will be a legislative agenda for me as a president of Nigeria.

“The second foundational issue is like, I said, have Nigerians come together to decide on the future of the country? Just like how South Africa did after the end of apartheid.

“The second part are those institutional drastic decisions I need to take in the area of security to make sure we have the right people in place directing security agenda of our government.

“Within my first few days in office, I will sign contracts to keep this country in light and that would be to generate some 20,000 megawatts of electricity using different kinds of means to get electricity, including solar waste.

“If you want to pull people out of poverty you have to industrialise and produce and if you want to produce you must have power. There is no country that has ever experienced industrial revolution without electricity, we are deceiving ourselves. And the rest are infrastructure, health care, education and agriculture to feed the 200 million people,” Sowore added.