Actress Omoni Oboli advises women to stop ‘hating’ one another

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Popular Nigerian actress, Omoni Oboli has advised women who pride themselves to be ‘’mean girls’’ to seek help, as such an attitude is weird and not needed in 2023.

The mother of three on her Instagram page stresses the need for women to be more encouraging and uplift each other.

According to her, it is time to evolve and adapt to the times.

Oboli wrote, “PSA… If you are a full grown woman and still a “Mean Girl” please seek help. It’s weird. It’s 2023.

“We don’t sneak diss, bully or hate on other women. We uplift, encourage, and applaud each other.

“And if you really don’t like someone or something, then simply don’t interact with them. If you have nothing to say, say nothing. Don’t be messy or miserable. Please evolve and adapt to the times. Shalom.”