‘Homosexuality is not a crime’, says Pope Francis

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Catholic pontiff, Pope Francis says “being homosexual isn’t a crime.”

Papal also criticized laws that criminalize homosexuality as “unjust,” saying God loves all his children just as they are.

He stated this on Tuesday during an interview with The Associated Press.

He, however, acknowledged that homosexuality “is a sin.”

According to Francis, homosexuality is a sin but not a crime.

“Being homosexual is not a crime,” he said. “It’s not a crime. Yes, but it’s a sin. Fine, but first let’s distinguish between a sin and a crime.”

He called on Catholic bishops who support anti-gay laws to welcome LGBTQ people into the church.

“These bishops have to have a process of conversion,” he said, adding that they should apply “tenderness, please, as God has for each one of us.”