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Activists, ex- Security Chiefs urged to emulate Tsav in defending worthy institutions —Agbese

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Chief Executive Officer of TheNigerian News Group, a media conglomerate with outlets in Nigeria and the UK, Chief Philip Agbese, has urged security experts and human rights activists in the country to emulate the late former Lagos State commissioner of police, Abubakar Tsav, in standing up in defence of worthy deeds and institutions in Nigeria.

Tsav died last week at a hospital in Makurdi, Benue State, after a brief illness.

Agbese, who is a human rights activist and Middlesex University London trained  lawyer,  gave the charge to the security experts and activists during a condolence visit to the late Abubakar Tsav’s family home in Makurdi.

The renown philanthropist and pillar of sports in Benue State,  recalled that when Tsav was alive, his sense of patriotism was deep and felt in every nook and cranny and all sectors of the country because he does not shy away from defending what he believes stood in the best interest of Nigeria.

Agbese, who is also the Okanga of Agila, said it was that sense of patriotism that made Tsav to always encourage the Nigerian military in its fight against insurgency and terrorism and in defence of the territorial integrity of Nigeria.

This, Chief Agbese said is rooted deeply in the fact Tsav had served at the highest level of security network in Nigeria and understands better the  complexity and depth the average security institution in Nigeria is exposed to and appreciates the processes brought to bear in achieving positive results.

“That is why while others who have little or no knowledge of security matters are busy castigating and making mockery of the Nigerian military, Tsav stood solidly behind the institution encouraging them and this is because he had the vision of a bigger picture that projects the defeat of terrorism in Nigeria and was not driven by mere ego or peti sentiments,” he stated.

Agbese, who led other civil rights activists across the country to a special condolence visit to the late Tsav’s family also described the intervention by the late elder statesman on security matters as significant due to the authority and weight it carried.

He said, “When Tsav speaks on such issues, you cannot afford to ignore him as he does so with authority and deep knowledge of the subject matter and I must say that his words of encouragement to the military institution in Nigeria is deeply appreciated.

“It is at this point that I’ll like to call on other security experts and human rights activists to take a cue from where the late elder statesman stopped and continue to support key and sensitive institutions in Nigeria to succeed because the peace and well being of the nation is tied to the success of their operations.”

Chief Agbese recalled that Tsav also believed in the ability of President Muhammadu Buhari to sustain the drive that will push insurgency out of Nigeria and had never hesitated to suggests ways that these could be achieved.

“In other words, the late elder statesman was not only a guide but was a solution to the security problems in Nigeria.

“His type of interventions were not only objective but advisory and intended for the general good of the nation and dedicated to the defence of truth and justice,” he noted.

While eulogizing the late Tsav, Agbese said the former commissioner of police lived and died for the truth and in defence of national security, national institutions and national cohesion.

He said Nigerians forget that Tsav was one of the early promoters of democracy and the rule of law by his conduct while serving as a police officer by using his good office to defend justice, truth and order.

“He did not fail to point out what was right even while serving under a military government as he will not bend the rules to cover up any form of wrongdoing but will insists that things should be done in the right and proper way.”

Chief Agbese said Tsav would be missed at this time when the war against insurgency is at its last push and would require all the support it can get from credible Nigerians.

“It is a pity that he did not live to witness the total defeat of insurgency in Nigeria but his words of support and encouragement would reassure the military that there are people who appreciate the sacrifice they are making to keep Nigeria as one united and peaceful country,” Agbese said.

He added that if all other security chiefs who have retired would lend their experiences to the course of serving their fatherland like the late Tsav had done, that the war on insurgency would have long been over.

“So these ex- security chiefs should not just keep quite while our continuous existence as a nation is being tested but should emulate their late colleague and beam their knowledge and experience on the current security challenges in the country for the wellbeing of Nigeria”

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