Adopting Western Democratic System In Africa A Huge Mistake — Obasanjo  

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Former President Olusegun Obasanjo has said that accepting and practising Western liberal democracy in Africa was a huge mistake.

Obasanjo, who spoke on Tuesday in Abuja, during a meeting with members of the House of Representatives on the move reintroduce the Parliamentary system of government, advised that African countries should come up with a system of democracy that serves their people better.

The former President expressed that Liberal Democracy does not augur well with Africa’s core value system because it is a product of European cultural beliefs.

He narrated that before the colonial era, African countries had thriving kingdoms and empires and successfully governed themselves against oppositions, unlike the monarchy system practised by Europeans.

Obasanjo, therefore, recommended that African countries should invent “Afro-Democracy” because there was nothing in Western Democracy that serves them well.

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