Alhaji Usman called on security agencies to release APC party supporters recently arrested in Kogi East

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Alhaji Usman Ododo, the All Progressives Congress governorship candidate in Kogi State’s election on Saturday, called on security services on Wednesday to release party supporters arrested in Kogi East.
Mr Ododo, who made the call, told journalists in Lokoja that the APC chieftains arrested were honorable individuals with no cause to indulge in thuggery or other vices.

He stated that the party was concerned about the security personnel raiding their homes and destroying their goods.

“This morning, roughly seven of my community members were chosen. I don’t breed thugs because I don’t support criminal behavior. The security agencies should do their investigations and immediately free our people. The APC was certain to win based on all indicators on the ground and the current administration’s excellent achievements, which the people of Kogi State had attested to.

“Those who already knew they were going to lose were inciting violence and making baseless accusations.”

“It’s on this premise that we are calling on the security agencies to be fair to all and ensure the security of lives and property before, during and after the governorship election,” he went on to say.

The governorship candidate praised the state’s security services for their efforts, assuring that he would always be willing to honor their invitations if they wanted clarity on the party’s or any of the campaign chieftains’ activities.

He claims to understand what it takes to manage people.

“The people of Kogi State look up to the security agencies to ensure a peaceful election,” he continued. My members have been arrested, as have several of my leaders. This morning, they arrested not fewer than seven of my members. I let them finish their work. I will not obstruct their probe.

“I believe they will be released once their investigation is completed and no one is found guilty.” Security agencies have invited me numerous times.

“I have honored their invitation not once, not twice, and I am prepared to honor their invitation at any time.” I don’t raise gangsters. I have warned my followers not to engage in any criminal activity since I do not support it.

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“I still base my members that they have chosen on allegations.” Allow them to conduct their investigations, which I hope will be objective. They will be released as soon as they are finished.

“However, in a situation where security agents are harassing and detaining my members without telling them what crime they have committed, I want to call on them to release them and confront the criminals who went to Koton Karfe to murder an APC supporter and get them arrested.”

“They should concentrate on that, not on the law-abiding members of our party.” So I urge them to expedite their investigations and free our people immediately,” he said.

In response to the opposition’s accusations of witch-hunting, Ododo stated, “If you see somebody desperately jumping from one TV station to the other every day, leaving where he is supposed to be doing groundwork and courting voters, you should know that if nothing is chasing him, then he is chasing some shadows.”

He claimed that the opposition understood they didn’t stand a chance and were simply engaging in futile propaganda.

“As for the APC, we know we’re on top. Governor Yahaya Bello has served the people well, and it is now time to reward the party. We are ready to serve again since the reward for hard work is more work.

“We will not join issues with losers who only have ethnic agendas and violence in their vocabulary.” The APC government has serviced all zones fairly, and there are several results to prove it. “We’re coming to better serve them,” he said.

He urged his supporters to vote for the APC in large numbers on Saturday, adding that voting for the APC is a vote for the state’s unity, peace, and growth.

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