Authorities verify kidnapping of four Nasarawa university students

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The Federal Government announced on Tuesday that it was taking the growing calls for the creation of an International Anti-Corruption Court into consideration. It described this as a paradigm shift in the way it approaches the fight against corruption worldwide.

According to the administration, it is impossible to overestimate the damaging effects of corruption on Nigeria’s growth, stability, and prosperity.

Deputy Director (Public Prosecution), Yusuf Abdullahi Abdulkadir, spoke on behalf of Attorney-General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, Lateef Fagbemi (SAN), during the 33rd Anti-Corruption Situation Room in Abuja. The event was organized by Integrity Initiatives International and Human and Environmental Development Agenda, also known as HEDA Resource Center.

“Nigeria, a nation severely impacted by corruption, could greatly benefit from the establishment of an IACC,” he declared. A court of this kind might offer a forum for addressing disputes involving foreign nationals and assets, which are frequently connected to massive corruption schemes that severely hinder Nigeria’s development initiatives. It might be used as an extra instrument to support and bolster the country’s internal anti-corruption initiatives. It is impossible to exaggerate how detrimental corruption is to Nigeria’s growth, stability, and prosperity.

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The AGF claimed that corruption, in all its manifestations, poses a serious threat to the peace, advancement, and development of countries worldwide, but also that corruption is a cancer that knows no bounds, eroding institutions, undermining confidence, impeding economic growth, and sustaining social injustice.

A lamenting “many corrupt people are getting elevated to higher places” was HEDA Chairman Olanrewaju Suraj.

“You may observe the reappointment of ministers who have been charged with corruption. A good number of them are currently at the federal and state levels, he added. Some of them are becoming ministers, some governors who are still on trial, and ministers are now heading agencies.

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