Buhari regretted his presidency says Adesina

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The former president of Nigeria, Mr. Femi Adesina, who advised him specifically on media matters while he was in office, stated that his principal thought the administration might have done certain things more effectively.

At an event titled “Media Dialogue with Femi Adesina,” which was hosted by the Association of Veteran Journalists in Osun State on Wednesday, Adesina spoke in Osogbo.

The former presidential spokesperson claimed that before Buhari departed office, they met for two hours and that during that time, he asked several questions.

When he probed his principle about his regrets during the conversation, he said that Buhari admitted that there were definitely better ways to have handled some things.


Buhari’s regret was not expressed by Adesina, but he did say, “No living human being will not regret certain things.” It’s among the inquiries I made to the president.

“I asked him every question imaginable in the two hours we spent together before we left the office. After we were done, he asked what I gave the Chief of Protocol for giving me so much time with him.” I asked him every question there was to ask. In his opinion, some things could have been handled more skillfully by Buhari.

Adesina defended aspects of the administration’s actions, claiming that the Naira Redesign Policy, despite causing hardship for Nigerians, was not entirely a terrible policy because it allowed the nation to experience a decline in crime, particularly kidnapping, and reduced election tampering in 2023.

Additionally, he stated that Buhari sincerely served the nation, but he noted that he could not be held entirely responsible for any shortcomings found in the way his principal managed the country.

Nigerians suffered as a result of the naira redesign policy. I used my N20,000 to spread over nearly two weeks. One day my whole family came over and we started preparing breakfast, but the gas ran out in the middle.

I didn’t know what to do when they told me that the gas was out because I didn’t have the N40,000 needed to fill the large cylinder. Although I was the president’s special adviser, I lacked the necessary funds. One of the boys who lives with me had to help me pay for the gas, which I then reimbursed.

That means that everyone took the brunt of it. As you remember, there were no kidnappings even during that period. I recall that there were attempts to abduct an APC secretary or chairman in Kano. Following a three-day custody period during which no one called to inquire about the amount they would be collecting due to a lack of funds, they just gave him three taps and told him to leave.

“Do you know that we have a cleaner election because of that policy? Even kidnappers were out of business because there was no naira.


Nine active governors were unable to address the Senate. They fought, but were defeated. When a governor runs for office, have you ever witnessed them losing? They couldn’t win, though, because there wasn’t any money to go around. The policy as a whole wasn’t all that horrible. Though it had problems, overall, it wasn’t too horrible, according to Adesina.

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