FCTA changes when ground rent is due, issues revocation threat

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The Federal Capital Territory Minister, Nyesom Wike, has extended the ground rent payment deadline for land allottees in Abuja till December 14, 2023, following the expiration of the previous deadline.

As to the PUNCH, the FCT Administration released property titles of private citizens, corporate entities, and governmental bodies in September. The publication served as a reminder to these entities that they had a yearly responsibility to pay ground rent on January 1st, as specified in their Certificates of Occupancy.

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The debtors were instructed to make payments “within two weeks from the date of publication, failure of which such titles may be revoked” in the document, which was signed by Olusade Adesola, the FCTA Permanent Secretary.

Furthermore bear in mind that the minister had issued a warning regarding the repercussions of not making debt payments, saying that “something will surely happen, contrary to the erroneous assumption that the ground rent directive was an empty threat.”


But on Sunday, the minister revealed that the date had been extended to December 14 by Muhammad Sule, the FCT Director of Information, who had previously stated that the earlier deadline had opened the door for related penalties.

He also mentioned the FCTA’s expectation that the territory’s ground debt payments will bring in roughly N30 billion.

“The FCTA would like to notify the public about the final notice that was sent for the settlement of unpaid ground rents and to inform them that the grace period has ended, which opens the door for the imposition of related penalties.

“The Minister of the Federal Capital Territory has kindly approved an extension of the final notice period until December 14, 2023, in recognition of the consistent response from impacted allottees and to avoid disenfranchising those who are still waiting to receive their ground rent bills and are willing to make payment.”

“More than N30 billion is anticipated by the administration from the grant rent payment.”

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