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Feminism Sham: Nigerians blast Glory Osei over secret marriage, call her ‘hypocrite’

By Aishat Salihu

An entrepreneur identified as Gloria Osai has received sticks from Nigerians over her private marital life.

Osei, according to reports, was said to be a feminist who loved bashing men as she comes off as a single and independent woman.

It was also gathered that the Chief executive of PorkMoney and Porkoyum often talks about how women lose themselves in marriage while advocating for feminism.

Recall that, a few days ago, a former employee identified as Ada called out Osei and her husband for sacking everyone in their company.

She then told Osei to let her fans know that she is a married woman and has been married for two years.

Many Nigerians have taken to the popular micro-blogging platform, Twitter, to react to the news about Osei’s marriage while condemning the non-payment ploy of employers.

Others, however, compared Osei with some Nigerian women who also hide under the pretext of feminism thereby misleading younger girls with their beliefs.

See some tweets below:

@OlisaOsega tweeted
“Glory Osei will come on this app, tweet like a single feminist and how men are the worst creatures ever when she has a husband at home.

But Yemisi in Abule Egba will swallow everything Glory tweets hook, line and sinker because she doesn’t have sense and a mind of her own.”

@iam_princeak2 tweeted
“I really pity you ,if you are a young girl and u can’t think for yourself on this app, Linda Ikeji did her own and mislead a lot of girls,next thing was she was pregnant,now Glory Osei that always tweet like single feminist is lowkey married…..”

@nellygalt tweeted
“As a lady, Linda ikeji and glory osei atimes makes sense and I will listen to that. You can like what someone said, learn from it and still have a mind of your own. Stop calling girls mumu just to pass your message across.”

@dammiedammie35 tweeted
“You employ workers,you won’t pay their salaries on time,you fine them at any tiny chance you get so you won’t pay them full salaries,you defraud people ,sack workers all the time without paying their salaries,Glory Osei and Muyiwa, those people’s sweat and tears will haunt you!”

@IamGerald89 tweeted
“So Glory Osei is a married Twitter feminist and she is been acting single to deceive single ladies? She is also into fraud. That’s why I don’t take this feminists seriously.”

@Joshua_Ubeku tweeted
“Nigerian feminists on social media are hypocrites and liars. Glory Osei will sweet talk & deceive single/married women with lies. We can’t forget Linda Ikeji so soon. Why tell your audience lies while you’re happily married & doing the EXACT same thing you’re preaching against?”

@Neo_officiall tweeted
“But how many times will this same thing happen to women before they learn.First it was Linda Ikeji, then Blessing of Break or Make up & now “if the story is true”, it’s Glory Osei. At this point I guess I’ll start championing the DO YOU. Be responsible and accountable but DO YOU.”

@selffavorite tweeted
“The way people are complaining about Glory Osei and Muyiwa. You’d think they’ll never idolize social media motivational speakers again. People who didn’t learn from Linda Ikeji’s celibacy tales😏”

@AsiwajuAdesina tweeted
“Glory osei is married and all along she’s been forming almighty feminist cum single lady online.

Linda ikeji preached no sex until marriage, but dem dey shine mama Congo so tey she turn baby mama.

Moral of this tweet? Use your sense. Don’t be deceived.”

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