Gbajabiamila is under pressure to be fired by Tinubu’s supporters due to allegations of appointment-selling

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There have been rumors that the Chief of Staff, CoS, to President Femi Gbajabiamila may not have long left in office due to claims that he has been giving presidential positions to the highest-bidding parties.


The protests of Tinubu’s supporters, who are determined to see Gbajabiamila gradually removed from the Presidential Villa, are becoming more and more intense.


Remember that the President appointed ten Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) Resident Electoral Commissioners (REC) last week?

The Chief of Staff is said to have replaced the majority of the President’s authorized appointment names since Tinubu took office.


According to a trustworthy source, one such instance saw the Ekiti REC’s name being changed to that of a former commissioner serving under Kayode Fayemi, the state’s most recent governor.


“The man who was Fayemi’s former commissioner, the REC from Ekiti that he (Gbajabiamila) put there, was not the person Asiwaju signed off on,” the source added. Asiwaju gave his approval to Toyin, a.k.a. Mrs. Oluwatoyin Babalola, the former INEC legal adviser.


However, two members of the President’s cabinet met with him after the announcement was made to express their displeasure that the person they had recommended had been replaced. The President was furious and claimed that before signing the list, he looked up the woman’s name.


He called for his CoS, but he was stuttering when he got there. He was instructed to bring the signed list by the President.


“The President stated that, according to what he has been told, everything he signs will be altered. The President cited three instances in which he signed a document that was later altered. Feeling guilty, he sent him one last warning. The woman’s name needed to be on the list, he ordered.


According to the insider, there was a strategy in place to gradually let Gbajabiamila leave the Villa.


“I think this is the fifth time the CoS has made the President seem bad. According to the insider, there is a strategy to gradually remove him from Villa by offering him an ambassadorial role.


According to a different source, part of the CoS’s duties were already being completed by President’s Private Principal Secretary, PPS, Akeem Okunola.


In addition, it was learned that the President had already assembled a team to support the CoS.


The National Social Investments Programme (NSIP) issue was also raised by the source, who emphasized that Asiwaju had not proposed that individual for the role. It was Asiwaju who suggested Halima Sheu. Sadiya Farouq, the recently appointed Minister of Finance, fired Sheu because she was running a campaign for our party. Asiwaju promised to put her back in the same role or one that was more senior when she was fired.


However, the CoS once more promoted the role. Before Halima Sheu returned to the NSIP, they had to battle it once more. The shame is becoming unbearable, therefore Asiwaju is assembling a team from outside CoS to assist him with the system. Akeem Okunola, the PPS, has already started working on some of his projects.

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