I’m leaving behind trustworthy electoral system – Buhari

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When he ends his two terms as president on Monday, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (ret.) stated he will leave behind a legitimate, fair, and transparent electoral process.

Buhari claimed that the triumph of candidates who appeared to be at a disadvantage over their well-funded rivals who relied on godfathers is evidence of his legacy.


In his televised farewell address, which was broadcast early on Sunday, the outgoing president stated, “I am leaving behind an electoral process which guarantees that votes count, results are credible, elections are fair and transparent, and the influence of money in politics is reduced to the bare minimum. This will help to ensure that our democracy remains resilient and that our elected representatives remain accountable to the people. And Nigerians are free to vote for the leaders they want.

He stated, “We are already seeing the outcome of this process as it provided an even playing field where persons without any political God-Father or access to money defeated other well-resourced candidates.”

However, the state elections held in March were reportedly marred by anomalies, particularly because INEC failed to electronically upload results, much like the presidential and National Assembly elections.

Buhari, though, has praised the process as mainly successful on a number of platforms.

On April 6, President Buhari spoke to a group at the State House that was led by the newly elected Emir of Dutse, Muhammad Sunusi. He mentioned ten APC governors who had unsuccessfully run for the Senate.

He claimed that the defeat is a reflection of the electoral reforms his administration carried out after enacting the Electoral Act Amendment Bill in February 2022.

“It’s typically assumed that after serving as governor for eight years, a person moves on to the Senate to finish their career. No longer should anyone underestimate Nigerian voters. Politics will now be more challenging, according to Buhari.

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