I’m sorry for accusing you of sleeping with Junior Pope’s wife, blogger begs E-Money

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An upcoming blogger, Stanley Okoruwa, has apologised to businessman and singer, E-Money for accusing him with having an affair with the wife of late actor, Junior Pope, Jennifer Awele.

Days ago, E-Money initiated a search for two women and a man who claimed he had an affair with the wife of the later actor.

Consequently, the blogger was arrested by the operatives of the Lagos State Police Command after a petition by E-Money.

After his arrest, Stanley made another U-turn by retracting his statements and expressing regret for his actions, admitting the allegations were merely an attempt to gain followers on his Facebook page.

He said: “I did a video about E-Money. I said a lot of things that are not true in that video, that is why the police arrested me.

“I said something regarding a video I saw online about a woman – saying that Sir E-Money is responsible for the things that happened to Nollywood actor John Odonwodo, aka Junior Pope’s case.

“I said something like that, I also said that Sir E-Money was also having an affair with Junior Pope’s wife. I have never in my life met E-Money. Everything I made in that video was not true.

“I made the video out of trying to boost my page traffic level, I never knew it would go viral the way it went. I don’t intend to tarnish Sir E-Money’s name. I was just making the video, I didn’t know it would go wide.

“I know the contents of the video were wrong of me to have made. I don’t know the video will escalate to that extent.”

Apologising to the businessman, he said: “E-Money, I am so sorry for tarnishing your image. I only made the video that E-Money was sleeping with Junior Pope’s wife just to gain more followers on Facebook,” he stated in an interview with newsmen. 

Lagos police spokesman SP Benjamin Hundeyin, said the blogger will be prosecuted for allegedly defaming E-Money, in his online video.

He said E-Money followed due process by reporting to the police.

“He is going to be prosecuted because the things he engaged in were criminal in nature. He has allegedly defamed E-money and he is going to be prosecuted,” Hundeyin stated.

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