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ImpeachTrump campaign gains ground less than two days after launch

By Aishat Salihu

Barely two days after the Speaker of the US House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, announced the launch of a formal inquiry into whether President Donald Trump should be impeached over a controversial Ukraine call, the campaign has gained grounds on social media.

Pelosi made the announcement on Tuesday after meetings with Democratic congressional leaders and working out plans to move toward impeachment proceedings against Trump over his July 25 phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

According to reports, during the phone call, Trump allegedly sought Ukraine’s help to smear the former vice president and current front-runner for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination, Joe Biden.

“The actions of the Trump presidency revealed the dishonourable fact of the president’s betrayal of his oath of office, betrayal of our national security, and betrayal of the integrity of our elections,” Pelosi said in a televised address.

“Therefore, today I’m announcing the House of Representatives is moving forward with an official impeachment inquiry.

“The president must be held accountable; no one is above the law”, Pelosi said.

Trump reportedly urged Zelensky about eight times during the phone call to work with his lawyer Rudy Giuliani to investigate government corruption involving Biden and his son, Hunter.

This has thrown social media into a frenzy of some sort with an ImpeachTrump hashtag trending on Twitter as many pledged their support for the move.

See some tweets below:

@sirDukeDevin tweeted
“I was proud of the United States when we elected the first African American president and I will be proud of us again when we #ImpeachTrump.”

@myNSvoicecounts tweeted
“Bye bye Donnie, you’re going down.
Worst. President. Ever.
S.A.D. 🍊🤡

@brycetache tweeted
“Hi @realDonaldTrump. What does it feel like to know the entire world is grateful you’re being impeached? What does it feel like to know you’ll forever be the worst President in US history?

Sleep well.


@DrDenaGrayson tweeted
“After the past 2+ years of hell, I’m so ready for this sort of insanity.😎


@ProudResister tweeted
“Democrats are now the party of Law & Order and defending the Constitution. Republicans are still the party of crime, corruption, and white supremacy. #ImpeachTrump”

@johnpavlovitz tweeted
“The cockroaches will all run as the light of truth breaks in…


@classicNedu tweeted
“Nigerians tweeting #ImpeachTrump is probably the funniest thing you’ll see on the internet today.😂😂”

@badwebsites tweeted
“. #ImpeachTrump is the 12th most popular Trend on Twitter France right now.
It has 397,000 Tweets.”

@Jan_Nemann tweeted
“Donald seems like a very happy old man looking forward to a bright and wonderful future. So nice to see! #ImpeachTrump”

@xYati25x tweeted
“celebrating #ImpeachTrump and then realizing Pence is the replacement 🥴”

@yteixndas tweeted
“finding out that trump might get Impeached. #ImpeachTrump”

@ShawnInArizona tweeted
“#ImpeachTrump #ImpeachTheMF

You notice how Pelosi didn’t “ask” for the full #Whistleblower complaint?

Pelosi just threw it down

She said either the DNI will break the law or he will comply with the Constitution

I like this Pelosi, I missed this Pelosi”

@imagidadnation tweeted
“#ImpeachTrump My white ass when I heard the impeachment announcement:”

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