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Jay Israel breaks ties with Pastor Alph Lukau, says he’s done with gimmicks

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Jay Israel is also known as Prophet Jay Israel snr, he is a South Africa based pastor who was mentored by controversial pastor Alph Lukau.

In 2018, Jay Israel featured on viral video where we were made to believe that had received a prophetic impartation from pastor Alph Lukau of Alleluia Ministries.

In the video, Alph Lukau asked Jay to walk with him and laid hands on him throwing him twice to the ground. He called him a son and said that there is fire in his tongue and also that he has an anointing that stirs the devil, Lukau said.

Today Jay Israel says that he never received prophetic insight on that day because he was already ordained from God as a prophet.

Jay Israel could barely speak and started to sing a song during the segment of the prayer and the crowd cheered him up as a result.

In the same video, Jay Israel went to prophesy and was giving words of knowledge to people with such authority that you begin to question if all these were also part of the gimmicks many pastors use to control people.

In 2019, Jay Israel came out on social media exposing wrong doctrines in Christianity and many thought it was just show, the video is here

More frequently Jay Israel started to expose more erroneous practices about how pastors manipulate churchgoers for financial gain.

In 2018 a video surfaced on the internet where the same Jay Israel was making money to appear from the Bible in one church gathering and stirred criticism, people said it was more or less a magic trick.

Two years later, Jay Israel confessed that he was convicted to preach the true gospel and announced during a live broadcast that was shared on his Facebook page on 20th February 2020 that he is no longer a spiritual son to Alph Lukau.

Preachers like Benny Hinn also made the headlines stating the gospel is not for sale but has ever since returned to preach the same gospel of prosperity a few months later.

Jay Israel’s new conversion confirms that prosperity gospel is a man-made doctrine that crept into Christianity, whereas the teachings of Jesus were only about redemption, grace, and salvation.

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