Kogi police detain boy for burying brother alive

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The Kogi State Police Command is currently holding an unidentified boy in custody for allegedly burying his younger brother alive.

The suspect asserted that he was only following his mother’s instructions, who supposedly asked him to discipline his brother for stealing.

The boy’s arrest was confirmed to our correspondent by SP William Aya, the public relations officer for the state police.

Indeed, the boy has been taken into custody and we are aware of the incident. The reasons and means by which such an event could occur are still being looked into, according to Aya.
According to what has been learned, the incident happened in the state’s Adavi Local Government Area, in the Apamisede community close to Army Barracks.

According to reports, the suspect killed his younger brother and buried him alive after he stole N10,000.
Fortunately for the victim, a few neighbours noticed the odd development and came to his aid.

According to reports, the suspect told the boy’s neighbours that he chose to bury the boy alive in order to prevent him from fleeing, as he usually does after stealing.

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He claimed that although their mother left them instructions to punish their brother, she still went to church.

According to a police spokesman, the victim had earlier absconded from home for two months while stealing some valuables.

He went on to say that he had only recently returned, had stolen N10,000, and had intended to flee once more but had been caught. His mother had given his brother instructions to punish him for his actions.

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