Lagos traders complain about several taxes, claim extortion in marketplaces

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Traders in Lagos State are complaining about the numerous taxes they have to pay the government, claiming it is extortion, in different marketplaces, especially the Balogun Market in the Lagos Island Local Government Area.

Speaking on Tuesday, some Balogun traders stated they were forced to pay N50,000 within six months, while others were required to pay more than N100,000 a year.

The traders also stated that they paid N700 in taxes every day and threatened to leave their stalls if they were unable to pay.

Emmanuel, a merchant at Balogun Market, stated that dealers provide more than N100,000 annually.

“We pay N50,000 or N60,000 in six months, and we pay N100,000 or above annually,” Emmanuel stated.

Iya Biliki, a different trader, asserted that the traders additionally pay annual and weekend taxes.

“For me, they get N50,000 a year, and they get N300 from traders every Saturday and Sunday,” the woman stated. Although what they are doing is illegal, there isn’t anything we can do about it because there are no stores in the market.

“We pay to stay on the roadside,” said Mummy Mercy, a dealer at the Ikeja market. Every day, even the hawkers pay money. While some of them pay N200 every day, others pay N500. In Lagos, nothing is free. We traders who live near the railroad tracks get paid N400 every day.

In response to a message, Gboyega Akosile, the state governor’s chief press secretary, stated, “Although every working person must pay tax, whether petty trading or big stores.”

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