Libya floods: Tinubu declares that Nigeria is prepared to offer support

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On Wednesday, President Bola Tinubu declared that his administration is prepared to offer all necessary assistance to the Libyans affected by the disastrous floods that accompanied Mediterranean Storm Daniel on Sunday.

Ajuri Ngelale, the President’s Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, issued a statement on Wednesday reading, “Nigeria is ready to provide all necessary support to assist the Libyan people in overcoming this harrowing tragedy.”

“President Tinubu condoles with Libya over Storm Daniel and resulting floods,” reads the message.

The worst-hit area, the eastern port city of Derna, where more than 34,000 people were forced to flee, has so far seen the recovery of at least 5,300 bodies.


According to experts, the shocking death toll and destruction caused by storm Daniel testify to both its intensity and the vulnerability of the North African state, which was hammered by more than ten years of internal strife that undermined vital infrastructure.

Two dams that burst and whose maintenance history has since been called into question had a significant impact on Derna.

Derna only received outside assistance from Turkey, Egypt, and Italy on Tuesday and Wednesday, or around 48 hours after the catastrophe.

This is because more international rescue squads and organizations providing humanitarian relief are anticipated in the upcoming hours.

In the wake of the flooding, Tinubu sent his sincere sympathies to the Libyan government and people.

He expressed his condolences to all of the families who had lost loved ones in what he called a “monumental disaster.”

All those hurt in the unfortunate accident received his warmest wishes for a quick recovery.

Affirming Nigeria’s “unwavering solidarity and goodwill during these trying times,” the Nigerian leader reassured the Libyan people of their country’s “unwavering support and goodwill.” He also said that “this disheartening loss of lives, homes, livelihoods, and critical infrastructure remains a shared grief that further unites the people of both nations.”

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