Police rescue 9 kidnapped officers

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All nine police officers reportedly abducted about two weeks ago between Kankara town and Scheme in Katsina have been rescued, according to a statement issued by DCP Frank Mba, Force Public Relations Officer on Friday.

The officers, all Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASPs), who were dressed in mufti and unarmed, came under attack by armed men wearing military fatigues but suspected to be bandits.

DCP Mba, in the statement, said preliminary investigation has “shown that the attack on the vehicle was an opportunistic crime as the officers were all traveling in mufti, unarmed and alongside other private citizens in the commercial vehicle.”

DCP Mba said “follow-up investigation” into the incident is still ongoing.

“The officers, all Assistant Superintendents of Police (ASPs), were on their way to Gusau in Zamfara State from Maiduguri at the time of the incident”, stated Mba.

He continued, “Two of the officers are currently receiving medical attention in a hospital, while the remaining seven are being debriefed.

“Covert operation to locate and rescue the officers commenced immediately they were discovered missing en-route to their destination.

“Thus, the apparent delay in commenting on the unfortunate incident was a deliberate decision aimed at protecting the integrity and confidentiality of the rescue operation and the concomitant safety of the officers.

“The total number of officers involved in the incident is nine (9) and not twelve (12) as previously, wrongly reported in some sections of the media.”


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