Middle Belt Group Warns Politicians Against Plot To Destabilize Plateau State Through Court Judgement

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The Coalition of Middle Belt Groups have cautioned politicians in the country against plots to destabilize Plateau state through court judgements.


The convener of the group, Dr Ben Omale, who spoke with newsmen in Abuja, said it is expedient to draw the attention of Nigerians and the entire world to the accelerating efforts by anti-democratic forces to destabilize Plateau State and, on a larger scale, the entire Nigeria.


Omale condemned recent rulings by the Court of Appeal that sacked some of the the Plateau State  of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) from the National Assembly.


He said such politicians have described the rulings that deprived Plateau state of its seats in the National Assembly as democracy at work or the judiciary being the last hope of the common man.



“Such commendations of the decision of the court that sacked the Plateau PDP lawmakers are emanating from the beneficiaries of the judgement, viz the All Progressives Congress (APC), particularly the Plateau state chapter.



“Other non-APC members that have commended the perceived injustice against democracy are people who do not have the benefit of the full details of the fundamentals at play. Our belief is that people in this category and other Nigerians should be made aware of the dangerous script playing out in Plateau State, which has implications for the rest of the country. We call this dangerous script because, from our findings, Plateau State is merely being used as a pilot by the closet fascists who are well on their way to making Nigeria into a one-party dictatorship” he said


Omale said the middle belt would have waited for their plot to enter into more advanced stages before confronting them with all available legal tools at the disposal of Nigerians but he said  therein lies the new problem that must be urgently tackled collectively.



“They have compromised the judiciary to the point that some of the actors and other stakeholders in the judiciary are almost card-carrying members of the APC. This allegarion turned out to be defining in the ruling that they gave to  the PDP’s National Assembly seats.



“Gentlemen of the press, we expect that you will naturally want to know how the foregoing concerns us. Our concern is the danger posed to democracy when a House of Representatives memeber constituted himself into the undertaker that will bury the judiciary in Plateau state while acting as pallbearer of our truncated democracy at the national level. It is on record that heopenly boasted about how the APC owns the judiciary.


“Consequently, we want to place on record our disappointment that the rep member, a son of the Middle Belt, decided to make himself an anti-Middle Belt crusader, willing to set his heritage ablaze to satisfy fascists’ agenda. We hope that he will in his own interest and the good of our people walk back from this destructive path he has chosen.



“We, therefore, in clear terms, warn the rep member that the Coalition of Middle Belt Groups, and other Nigerians will hold him responsible for any instability precipitated in the Middle Belt because of the criminal plot that he is implementing to make his party control Plateau State by all means. Nigerians and the world must also hold him to account should the country’s democracy fail on account ⅞of the way he has recruited the judiciary into his plot.



“The Coalition of Middle Belt Groups demands that the rep member and his allies cease and desist forthwith while allowing institutions in the country to follow their constitutionally recognized processes without being hijacked to work for the interest of a mutant political leaning. We called on the good part left in the judiciary to immediately start the process of restoring the independence of the judiciary by investigating the assertions of owning the courts made by the politician, find out the judges who colluded with him, and sanctioning them appropriately” he said. 

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