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Murder: Residents flee homes in Ogoni community over fear of reprisal attacks

By Egufe Yafugborhi
PORT HARCOURT – FEAR-stricken residents in Koroma, Tai Local Government Area, Rivers state, are fleeing their homes over threat of reprisal by neighboring Bunu community after a dreaded Koroma youth allegedly killed a Bunu indigene.
The alleged murderer, popularly known as KK was said to have viciously stabbed the victim, simply identified as Nnamoau, with a broken bottle to the neck, chest and abdomen last Saturday during funeral of the mother of an influential Ogoni politician, Barry Npigi.
A civil servant who had rushed out from the community through a safer route narrated to Vanguard saying, “Both killer and the murdered are dreaded violent gang members loyal to a key political figure in Ogoni. The killer is notorious for barbaric murders.
“Bad blood has been brewing between them. Last Saturday over the burial of Npigi mother’s burial in Koroma, Nnamoau had come to attend from Bunu. KK ambushed him at a local bar, close to the community health center.
“There, he broke a bottle, and stabbed him on the neck, the chest and on his abdomen, killing him. A political power broker had been brokering peace on the tragedy, promising to bury the dead and build house for his mother after releasing some unspecified cash to the family, but Bunu community are not placated.
“Saturday is fixed for Nnamoau’s burial and Bunu vowed to carry out revenge on any Koroma indigene found in their domain. Fear stricken Koroma residents have started abandoning their homes. No movement between both communities now. I had to pass Saakpenwa through Kpite to get to Port Harcourt. It’s not safe there now.”
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