Nasarawa Resident Doctors Protest Assault On Female Member

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The Federal Medical Centre (FMC) Keffi, Nasarawa State branch of the Association of Resident Doctors (ARD) yesterday, protested alleged assault on a female colleague.

The protest which was led by the ARD president of the FMC, Dr Dabot Thomas, took place at the premises of the facility.

The protesters displayed placards with inscriptions which read, “Females can be doctors too and we deserve optimum respect” , “All this hard work? Wetin e get me? 4 hot slaps!” “Say no to the doctor’s assault. Let’s be guided” among others.

Dr Thomas alleged that the female doctor was slapped several times by family members of a deceased patient in the medical center on Tuesday night, forcing the association to protest the assault.

According to him, the female medical doctor was assaulted along with an attendant.

“Our member was assaulted together with a hospital attendant when they wanted to pass through a walkway crowded by family members of the deceased patient.

“She was attacked by four of the deceased patient’s relatives and slapped on multiple occasions. She took permission to pass the walkway but was rather assaulted.

“From the information we gathered the attackers just lost their father and the doctor who was not part of those managing the deceased was on her way to attend to other patients when the incident happened,” he said.

He said the association would suspend its service in the facility for 72 hours in protest over the alleged assault.

According to him, it was not the first time a female member would be attacked by relatives.

“The congress has now taken a decision and we are going to stand by the decision. The decision is to down tools for at least 72 hours,” he said.

Speaking about the development, the chief medical director of the hospital, Dr Yahaya Adamu, promised that management would institute an investigation into the matter.

He said the investigation would include security personnel from the Nigeria Police Force and Department of State Security (DSS).

He disclosed that one of the culprits has already been arrested and in police custody.

“I can assure you they will not go free. We are going to go after them and we will ensure they face the wrath of the law for their actions. If it means going on a court case we will do that.

“This is pure criminality. So, let’s not take it as a union thing. Somebody commits criminality then he is a criminal and he should be treated as one,” he said.




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