Nigerians decry new Turkey visa fees regime

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…visa pegged between 335,000 and N800,000

Nigerians have decried high charges collected by firms engaged by the Turkish government for visa processing.

Turkey Visa fees have been pegged between N335,000 and N827,000 for single and multiple entry.

Turkey is among the few countries that collected dollars for visa fees before the Nigerian government’s recent directives to embassies to collect naira for visa fees.

Before the recent increment, single and multiple entry visa fees in Lagos went between $317 and $500 while in Abuja it was between $213 and $400.

Following the recent federal government’s directives halting the use of dollars for visa fees, Voyal Turkey, the firm handling the visa process for the Republic of Turkey announced a new visa fee regime in the naira denomination.

In Abuja, a single entry visa to Turkey is N335,408 for applicants on appointment while the visa fee for walk-in is N507,360

For multiple entries for applicants on appointment is N627,680 while walk-in applicants pay N797,280.

The fees are slightly higher in Lagos where applicants would have to cough out over N500,000 for a single entry visa and N827,680.

Unlike Abuja, Lagos is only open for walk-in applicants.

Voya Turkey runs the visa process in Abuja and Lagos with the embassy.

The recent charges took many Turkey visa applicants by surprise as they complained that it had gone beyond the rooftop.

A Lagos-based applicant told our reporter that the government must look into it, saying that the hike experienced both in Lagos and Abuja is a rip-off.

The applicant, who was planning a business trip to Turkey later next month said not even the United States is charging such an amount.

The applicant said there was no justification for such exorbitant charges.

“This is just out of this world. How can we be paying close to N1 million naira for a visa alone? We are not talking about flight tickets here.

“This is just insensitivity and greed on the part of the firm handling the process.

“This is unfortunate as they are only trying to take advantage of most Nigerians going there who are majorly business people.

“How can we be paying N827,000 for a Turkey visa when the almighty United States is charging far less than that?

“The Federal Government should come into it as it will seriously impact negatively on businesses.”

Another applicant who does not want to be mentioned in the media also called on the Nigerian government to take urgent steps to stop the rip-off.

The applicant said lots of businesses would be affected should the hike be allowed to stay.

The applicant therefore urged the government to as a matter of urgency look into it.

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