Oil Workers Threaten To Shut Production


Workers from Shell, Chevron, Total and Eni said they have joined a 3-day warning strike in solidarity with their members in Exxon Mobil.
Chika Onuegbu, a Petroleum and Natural Gas Senior Staff Association of Nigeria (PENGASSAN) official in Port Harcourt had told Bloomberg the workers had started an initial three-day warning strike on Monday.
“After tomorrow, if Mobil management still remains adamant and the matter isn’t resolved amicably and soon, I’m afraid we won’t have any other option than to begin shutting down production,” he told the media outlet.
PENGASSAN spokesman in Lagos Emmanuel Ojugbana said another meeting with the Petroleum Minister was slated for next week Tuesday.
PENGASSAN withdrew workers from sites operated by Exxon Mobil last week, seeking reinstatement of 83 members of staff.

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