Ondo residents urge Akeredolu to complete road project

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Ondo State’s government has been urged to move quickly with the development of the community road by the residents of the Oda Community in Akure South Local Government Area.

The building of the road, which the locals claim began more than two years ago during the first term of the current governor Rotimi Akeredolu’s government, has been going slowly, according to the locals.

According to information received, certain localities are also impacted by the road’s poor condition, including Pelebe, Ilekun, Weliweli, Ijigba, and Aye settlements.

The state administration has started dualizing a portion of the road, but a longer stretch—more than five kilometers—remains in terrible condition.


Elijah Adesanya, a local resident, pleaded with the state government to fix the road immediately since it was so full of potholes and that many cars, in particular, frequently broke down on it.

It is unfortunate that we are in this predicament, he remarked. Our autos suffer daily damage from the road. You need to bring your automobile in for repairs twice a week. We don’t know what we did wrong in Oda to deserve the government’s disdain. When the schools resume, I’m not sure how we’ll manage.

“We are pleading with the governor to pay attention to our cries and act quickly to complete the road. Driving around here is difficult.

Another resident, Mr. Ayo Ajayi, stated that the road’s condition was dire and that the government should take immediate action to complete the dualization of the road.

We want the governor to pay attention to Oda Road and relieve our misery. Since we are a part of the state, Oda deserves care. If they know they won’t be able to finish the road, they should patch the holes and make it passable for now.

However, the state’s commissioner for information and orientation, Mrs. Bamidele Ademola-Olateju, asserted that no road will be neglected by the Akeredolu-led administration. She said that the government will attend to all ongoing projects.

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