Osuntokun talks about Peter Obi leaving Nigeria after losing to Tinubu at Supreme Court

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According to Akin Osuntokun, Director-General of the Obi-Datti Presidential Campaign Council, Peter Obi is not driven to leave Nigeria because he lost an election or out of desperation for power. He made this claim in a recent interview.
The leader of the Labour Party (LP), refuted rumors that Obi is thinking of fleeing the nation while discussing the 2023 presidential election and the 171-day court struggle to overturn President Bola Tinubu’s victory. He asserts that the LP presidential candidate has fulfilled every wish that a person might have.

When asked if there was truth to the rumor that Obi could leave Nigeria after losing at the Supreme Court, Osuntokun laughed and responded, “Then you obviously don’t know Peter Obi.” What will irritate him? Inform me. He is not a desperate man for power, after all. He have almost everything that a person could ask for in life. A major plus in his life is the prestige he has attained. He has personally gained enough notoriety to be looked up to by most Nigerians as a role model. That seems significant to me. Why should any of that irritate him to the point where he feels compelled to abandon his nation? In no way.

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Even with his brief involvement with the party, Obi has accomplished a great deal. Then, because he did not receive a ruling from the Supreme Court, how can he give up on what he has accomplished? Obi has nothing to be angry about. He does not consider his desire to be the president of Nigeria to be a personal endeavor. For him, it’s not a personal loss. That is a national loss. He has been elevated above everything that he was by God. It is illogical to anticipate that he will become estranged from Nigeria.

Osuntokun provided the following statement regarding the Labour Party’s plans to reconstruct itself after the general elections of 2023: “Well, we have just completed the court case and have not really sat to brainstorm on the next step.” However, I anticipate that Nigerians dissatisfied with the current state of affairs, particularly those from younger generations, would seek refuge in the Labour Party, as the party has made a great effort to establish its legitimacy in the most recent election. Since the APC stands for everything that people in this country cannot hope for, I fail to see what the youth will be searching for in this party. It is unfathomable that certain members of the National Assembly could claim that, given the current situation, they would like to purchase a N160 million Range Rover for every member.

We are hearing about some people utilizing the same loan that they obtained to purchase SUVs, with the justification that the ministers own three or more, during a time when drastic measures are required to address our problems. You are aware of the illness we are fighting. They won’t even acknowledge that what they’re doing is incorrect. Rather, they are serving as a reminder that there is a greater sinner than you. There is a role for the general population.

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