Tinubu looted N37b from Lagos treasury in 2020 — Bode George

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A leader of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Lagos State, Chief Bode George, has alleged that former governor, Bola Tinubu, looted N37b from the state treasury in 2020.

Addressing a multitude of PDP members and party stalwarts in Lagos today, Chief George took potshots at Tinubu over his presidential ambition, saying: “The truth has only one face, one color, one reality. It is on this we stand as we embark on the rescue of our state from the greedy clutches of the Iragbiji usurper and ultimately push forward in the crucial journey towards our collective national salvation.

“Itis rather amusing when I see some mercenary pretenders prancing about the Nigerian space, hallucinating about an elusive presidential ambition. Yes, hallucinating because they do not have their priorities right.

“Even as every corner of the country is challenged by variegated insecurities ranging from banditry, urban outlaws, rogue herdsmen, destructive fissiparous forces, the murderous Boko Haram terrorists and sundry insidious elements – the basic priority of all right thinking patriots should be about restoring peace and harmony among our people rather than the mercantile pursuit of a chimerical presidential bid. This is what is called true statesmanship. This is what is called discerning, progressive leadership.”

Chief George also urged Nigerian leaders to listen to the voice of reason, encourage knowledge, and be kind to talent.

He said that excessive centralization of power was destroying competition, as he decried what he described as greed by some leaders who are embezzling what is meant for everybody.

“At this juncture, I must return to my state again in view of the self-serving, dubious, incongruous legislation that seeks to shield the looters of our state treasury from the prosecutorial mandate of the EFCC. According to records, in the year 2020, the Alpha Beta company which is owned by Bola Tinubu raked in about 37 billion naira from our treasury without lifting a finger. If this is not sheer day light robbery, I wonder what is?

“Sanwoolu’s legislation that seeks to shield criminals from Federal prosecution is dead on arrival. It is elementary assertion that once a state law conflicts with a Federal legislation, the state law is voided. This is what the constitution says.”

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