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President Buhari Will Flag off Drilling of Crude Oil at The Kolmani River- II well

In 2016 President Buhari directed the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) to commence exploration of crude-oil in the north-eastern part of Nigeria. Buhari led administration had intensified efforts in search of oil everywhere, other than the Niger Delta that large quantities of crude oil could be found along the Chad, Cameroon, Anambra and Benue basins. Then some Nigerians mocked Buhari that he wouldn’t likely to find anything but WATER that it’s a waste of resources, there is no distant future in petroleum.

Today, President Buhari will flag off drilling of crude oil at the Kolmani River- II well, a site between Gombe and Bauchi States. The drilling of the Kolmani River-II well, falls into two deliverables contained in Dr Baru’s 12 Business Focus Areas (BUFA) which are; to increase crude oil and gas reserves and production as well as intensify the search for petroleum resources in the nation’s inland basins.
This is a welcome development, even if the world switched to an energy source independent of petroleum, the fact is that petroleum is an integral part of modern life in terms of the things it is used to make beyond gasoline and other fuels. Such as plastics, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics use various aspects of petroleum as foundations in chemical reactions et



Joseph Zone
Joseph Zone 2nd degree connection 2nd CEO.

This is the way to go. We have to explore more frontiers and pity to those who play politics with National Development. We must strive to ensure that we utilize resources where needed most for national growth. Our challenge now is insecurity and if this could be mitigated we are on course to greatness.

Abdullahi Muhammad ladan 3rd degree connection 3rd CEO at L&G Merchants Ltd

Undoubtedly, this is a welcome development and a step in the right direction. Indeed, those with discipline stand the best chance of realising their fondest dreams…..!!!

Ibrahim Usman 2nd degree connection 2nd Chief Executive Officer, Visionkreations Enterprise, Publikruz Kafé Kano

I have a friend that was part of the team that worked there, PMB wants spread development across Nigeria

umar tanimu 2nd degree connection 2nd Project Manager at Ford Motor Company

is very good mr president buhari

Philemon Adedayo Akintoye 2nd degree connection 2nd CEO at PHILAK LTD

He is a visionary leader and Presidential.
Enemies can jump now!
Status is online

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