Prince Benjamin Etu: The Multifaceted Titan

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The simplest way to introduce Prince Benjamin .O. Etu is as the CEO/MD of Bevian Oil And Gas Limited. Mind you, that is an oversimplification of who or what the Edo-born business mogul is.

Capturing his essence requires the panning of his multi-dimensional character so that his many facets will be adequately reflected. Here we go: Prince of Fugar Etsako Land. CEO of Bevian Real Estates. Energy innovator. Automobile Titan. Business Titan…Philanthropist. We can go on and on, but no amount of rhetoric will do him justice.

Prince Etu is many things rolled into one and means many things to many people. To the poor, he is a cheerful giver and a wealth creator. To the voiceless, he is a dodged human rights activist. To the youth, he is a job creator, educator, and mentor. To the women, he is a gender-friendly empowerer. To the sick, he is a succor giver.

Well academically accomplished, Prince Etu is based abroad, although hails from a royal family in Fugar, Etsako Central local government area of Edo State.

To the people of the Fugar community, he is a bridge builder, an astute philanthropist, a community builder, and a beacon of hope.

To his Etsako tribesmen, he is one of the brightest stars from Etsakoland. To other Edo people, he is an illustrious example of a detribalized Edo son. To other Nigerians, he is a patriot and a nationalist per excellence. To other Africans, he is a pan-Africanist. And to other people of the world, he is cosmopolitan and humanist.

Despite his towering profile, Etu’s magnanimity is second to none. His milk of human kindness is unfathomable from the bridges of friendship he has built across cultures, races, and religions.

Prince Etu’s business cut across the oil and gas, real estate, and hospitality sectors as well as automobile business.

Bevian Oil And Gas was registered and incorporated in Lagos, on November 17, 2006, and the company has since then been consistently servicing oil and gas and related industries. The company has a wide array of clientele.

Bevian Oil And Gas engages in installation of pipelines, fabrication, flow lines, wellhead platforms, construction, production of manifold, facilities, equipment supply services, supply installation and maintenance of oil field equipment and devices, emergency leak repairs, sectional replacement of vandalized and corroded lines, pipeline and production support services and maintenance, calibration services, relief valve certification, Supply of chemicals, pipes fittings hot tapping, logistics transport and marine services.

Prince Etu has other chains of businesses as highlighted earlier. He is married and blessed with children.






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