Sheikh Gumi: Wike a satanic person, Christians cannot be trusted with Nigeria’s security

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Sheikh Ahmad Gumi has stated that entrusting Nigeria’s national security to Christians and Southerners is risky.

According to the cleric, Muslims appointed to top security positions are only figuresheads and are not in command of military command and control.

In a 14-minute video sermon posted on his official Facebook page, the cleric referred to Nyesom Wike, Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, as “Satan” for receiving the Israeli Ambassador to Nigeria in his office. In the sermon, the cleric also stated that President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s term would be limited to eight years.

He went on to brand citizens who tirelessly campaigned for the Muslim-Muslim ticket as worthless hypocrites and money-launderers who chased dollars for pleasure and worldly gain.

The following is an excerpt from the sermon in Hausa:

“The Minister of the FCT is a Satanic individual; I said it before when he was appointed, and some people complained.” He has gone and brought the Israeli Ambassador, as someone has requested, and I have yet to see it. But what is certain is that he stated that they will work with the Israelis on Abuja’s security issues. Abuja will now become an extension of Tel Aviv, and anyone with a beard like us will be mistaken for Bin Laden, and we will be killed.

“Where have those who worked on the Muslim-Muslim ticket gone?” People who are hypocrites and worthless. Abuja is becoming an extension of Tel Aviv, and security is the people’s last refuge. Have you missed the silence? They understand what they are doing. One Miyetti Allah leader approached me and told me that if they came to me with a proposal for negotiating with bandits, I should not be a part of it and should leave it alone.

“It’s a ruse.” What difference does it make that Muslims lead the Ministry of Defence? Are we the ones in charge of Command and Control, the ones with the guns and shooting? We are not the ones being played; they are. There is a plan. They have hijacked all means of money and economic power, and they intend to deceive us for four years in order to gain eight years. InshaAllah, they will not.

“I can assure you that Northerners conducting legitimate business will not receive one billion naira.” Our wealthy people can only obtain what they trust. They only believe them because they do what they want. They will crush anyone whose loyalty they are unsure of in a matter of months.

“They will only come during elections, similar to how grains are distributed to chickens.” All they do is feed grains to chickens. Giving people spaghetti is the solution; the spaghetti problem is serious. This country is being cheated and is in shambles.

“During Buhari’s tenure, there was one Reverend or Bishop who told me that Muslims had hijacked power.” I told him, ‘Yes, and I’m fine,’ knowing that the Chief of Army Staff would not attack me. Even if he does not protect me, he will not work with others to attack me. Our own people, whether in the military, police, or the Department of State Services (DSS), will not be used to harm me, and they will not harm you as a Christian either.

“I want you to understand the distinction. If you give them power and weapons, they will try to harm you. Here are some examples: Wasn’t Sardauna a Premier? Who murdered him? Nzeogwu was killed because you gave them guns. Who assassinated Murtala (Muhammad)? Dimka hails from the north. What about Babangida? He escaped by the skin of his teeth. Who wanted to murder him? Gideon Orkar’s surname is Orkar. If you give them guns, they will murder you. All you have to do is give them power.

“There’s one Aliyu Masruhi from Tanzania who has been saying for a long time that no society gives power without conditions.” If we must give power, we must ensure that security, among other things, is in our hands, and he asked, “Do you agree?” But how can you give up power while hiding?

“We have seen the signs that if Israelis enter this country, there will be a clandestine operation against any outspoken Islamic cleric.” Why was Sheikh Jaafar assassinated? Why did they kill Sheikh Albany, may his soul rest in peace? You can see how they’re killing; there’s a hit list, and we’ve known about it for a long time.

“What am I doing walking with the cops?” Despite my disagreement with the police, you didn’t see me with them during Buhari’s administration. Because of this threat, we requested police protection, which they provided. Even if the President dislikes me, he must provide me with police protection or bear responsibility for my death.

“To be clear, they will bring the MOSSAD into our country.” As a result of our knowledge of their strategy, Tinubu must make a decision. He should depose the Abuja Minister; otherwise, we will clash with him. The navel is not hidden on the day of a bath.

“Let me tell you what happened during the presidency of President (Goodluck) Jonathan. We attended a meeting at the DSS headquarters one day and met one operative who knew my police detail. He called us one day and gave us the phone number for a Mercedes 4matic. He claimed he was in the lavatory when he heard the plan for assembling a hit squad to kill Sheikh Gumi.

“All of the killings that occurred during Jonathan’s tenure in Jaji were carried out by the military, not Boko Haram.” Have you not heard of the real Boko Haram? If not them, can Boko Haram plant a bomb in Jaji? Despite the presence of soldiers in his home, General Shuwa was assassinated. They went ahead and murdered him. They were enraged because he had fought in the civil war. You gave them power, and they murdered your leaders as a result.

“All of Israel’s killings are insignificant, but Hamas’ attack is now their worst nightmare.” If any Muslim in Nigeria ever assassinated a President, they will have put a ceiling on our people’s military career advancement. If they reach the rank of Captain, they will not be trusted to advance, and we will give up. What about them? They assassinated all three of our leaders. They will kill, and they will continue to kill our people once you give them power.

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“After the DSS operative revealed the plot to assassinate me, I immediately informed the police commissioner and posted on Facebook.” He then heard them say that the operation should be cancelled because it had been leaked. They now claim that the leaker was inside their office. He was detained for two months and only survived by chance. He returned to my house after two months and explained everything that had happened and how he had survived by the grace of God.

“One day during Ramadan fasting, I was working on a projector, so I put the kids in a car and drove them to the mosque ahead of me.” We heard a bomb explosion after the car left the house. I requested that photographs be taken of the scene. There was a bee attack there, but two people were killed, and they were chained and armed with pistols, implying that if the bomb did not kill us, they would use the pistol to finish us off. The bomb explosion also killed the third person from Ungwan Shanu.

“We then resumed our studies.” There were three fatalities. If you recall, I thanked Governor Ramalan Yero for not cancelling the Ramadan study. When I returned home, BBC Hausa and Voice of America correspondents met me, saying they had gone to the scene to get stories and capture the real Boko Haram, but troops had sealed off the area and forced them to delete the photos they had taken. ‘We are trying to understand Boko Haram, and we have found Boko Haram in action, and you are saying we should delete their pictures,’ they said.

“The attackers’ dead bodies were hurriedly evacuated in a military vehicle and made to vanish.” When Daily Trust reporters approached me, I told them the story, and they went to One Division Nigerian Army, who said they had no information that soldiers had taken the dead bodies of the two people. Suddenly, a Muslim working in the mortuary of the 44 Nigerian Army Hospital arrived and stated that the two dead bodies had indeed been deposited in the mortuary, and that they appeared to be Southerners.

“These attacks are being carried out by the military; they are the ones who struck in Jaji to prevent Major General MD Isa from becoming Chief of Army Staff.” They are also responsible for the death of General Shuwa, and we are all targets.

“I am warning you to be wise and not to be fools because of God.” These Muslim politicians only care about money for vacations and medical treatments, and they have forgotten about the people. They are targeting us, and I told that pastor/bishop that if we Muslims are in power with Muslims as heads of security, we will not kill you, but if we give you Christians power with infidels as heads of security, they will plan to kill me, and I have examples.

“They assassinated Sardauna, Tafawa Balewa, and Murtala. Tell me about your own people who were killed. This is what I inquired of him. But they were making a scene and yelling that Buhari was engaging in nepotism. I know, but it’s meaningless because we don’t do evil. However, these people will not help you but will do you harm, which is why we advise you not to leave power.”

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