Sound institute marks 10th anniversary with lecture, book

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The critical role sound engineering plays in enhancing the worship experience came to the fore when Starlight Media Institute (a school of audio engineering) marked its 10th anniversary.

After years of helping to build and grow the sound departments of houses of worship, the institute held a lecture, book presentation and award ceremony to mark its anniversary.

The event, which was held at the Trem King Court, Ojodu, Lagos, drew notable dignitaries. With the theme: “Achieving Exceptional Audio Quality Production In House of Worship”, the seminar focused on the significant role of audio quality on worship places, while stressing how they can achieve exceptional audio quality production. The lecture shed light on best practices and showcased the vital role of sound engineers in worship settings.

According to the CEO of the institute, Steve Aluko, churches and good worship experience cannot do without a sound and audio department, adding that at the heart of it are sound or audio engineers.

 The lecture was followed by the launch of the book “Microphone Demystified”, authored by the CEO of the institute, Steve Aluko. The book aims to demystify the complexities of microphone technology and equip individuals at all skill levels with a better understanding of its significance in achieving optimal audio outcomes.

According to Aluko, the Institute chose to mark its 10th anniversary with pomp owing to achievements in the last decade. “Before the coming of Starlight Media Institute, there was no institute for the formal training of Sound Engineers in Nigeria. Practitioners were only trained by observation and hence, there was no established curriculum for training and this was the gap Starlight Media Institute was conceived to fill and has been filling for the past ten years,” he said.

Aluko, who is a leading sound engineer, led the discussions on essential practices for sound engineers in such environments, while highlighting the relevance of sound engineers in churches. He shared insights on proper equipment management and the benefits of maintaining a positive attitude to uphold value and professionalism in the field.

He, therefore, called for sound or audio engineering in Nigeria being inculcated into a formal curriculum in higher institutions of learning, positing that “since there is not yet any established curriculum for the course in our higher institutions is to segment the course into already existing related departments”.

Speaking on opportunities available in sound or audio engineering in Nigeria, Aluko said: “There are numerous opportunities available in the field beyond the present belief that it only lies in music or church audio productions. Sound Engineering opens vistas in music, film production, cinematography, theatre production and so many other areas of the entertainment industry as well as acoustic or audio manufacturing. The seminar is meant to provided valuable insights and resources for individuals seeking to enhance audio quality in their respective environments

“You cannot be academically sound as a graduate of Sound Engineering and be looking for a job. Rather, jobs will be looking for you. In radio and television broadcasting, in information technology where service providers like networks need sound engineers and even in medical facilities where ultrasound is done, sound technologies are always and will continue to be in high demand. All that is needed is the training to encourage expertise in all these fields, and that is where Starlight Media Institute comes in. To provide Nigerian youth with the expertise needed in these fields.”

During the event, some dignitaries were honoured for their contributions to the growth of audio technology in Nigeria.

They included Mr. Pedro Fatai, Laolu Akins, Mr. Shola Okiki, Rev. Roland, Mr. Diran Fajuyigbe, Mr. David Joshua, Mr. Femi Ojo, Engr. Sinmiloluwa Oyeleye, Mr. Emmanuel Shalom, Mr. Tunde Spencer, and Mr. Giwa Osagie

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