The A-Z of s*x


So, what’s your s*x Ray, pal? Don’t have one? Do or don’t, we guarantee you’ll pick up something fun for heating your sheets in our version of the ABCs.
Short for Anterior Fornix Erogenous (AFE) Zone, this is a sensitive area located midway between a woman’s cervix and G-spot on the front wall of the v**ina. Stroking this highly sensitive spongy area causes almost immediate lubrication. To reach it, insert a lubed finger into the v**ina as far as it will comfortable go. Rub gently using the length of the finger exploring the front wall. When found, she’ll start to get wet.
Spice up oral s*x by sucking on an extra-strength mint lozenge before you stroll down below. Refreshing!
an*l Play
The practice of an*l s*x has been around for centuries and today it is more common among heterosexuals than one might think. Many couples find it to be highly enjoyable, partly because the area near the rectum is a sensory-rich venue with loads of nerve endings close to the surface.
Blocking out one of the senses, such as sight, heightens sensitivity of the others to compensate. Plus, when you can’t see what will happen next, the anticipation can be pretty exciting. Try the padded leather blindfold from Can’t wait for FedEx? Then cover his or her eyes with the shirt you were just wearing. “Your natural scent is a huge aphrodisiac,” says Sharon Moalem, PhD, author of How s*x Works.
Camel Toe
Slang term referring to female private partia.
C-tactile Nerve Fibers
The body is brimming with these pleasurable nerves, especially on the forearms. British researchers say that when they are stroked just right—with the light pressure of a painter’s brushstroke, at 1 to 10 centimeters a second—those nerves send signals to the limbic system, an area of the brain associated with trust and affection.
Double Protection
Using two forms of birth control may make s*x twice as good. The Kinsey Institute found that women who use a hormonal contraceptive plus condoms report higher overall s*xual satisfaction. Researchers believe that when women are less worried about pregnancy and STDs, they can relax and enjoy themselves more.
er*tic Literature
Sneak over to the er*tica section of the bookstore. Purchase a few copies and reenact some particularly literary scenes. Check out Heat Wave: Sizzling s*x Stories by Alison Tyler, The Black Lace Series by Kerri Sharp, Seducing the Highlander by Emma Wildes, and Do Not Disturb: Hotel s*x Stories edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel.
Surveys suggest that men fantasize about s*xual encounters about twice as often as women do. But it can be one of the most effective ways for women to tune in to a s*xual experience because it helps turn off the parts of [their] brain associated with stress and anxiety. In fact, fantasizing is powerful enough to trigger orgasms in some women. In a study Beverly Whipple, PhD, co-author of The Science of climax along with her colleagues Gena Ogden, PhD, and Barry R. Komisaruk, PhD, monitored the blood pressure, heart rate, pupil diameters, and pain tolerance of 10 women who claimed they could think their way to climax. As the subjects fantasized in a lab, seven exhibited the exact physical responses caused by hands-on stimulation. Encouraging your partner to fantasize may be difficult unless you know these secret strategies.
Most s*x games are cheesier than a Kraft Foods convention. But, with the right attitude, you might find that makes them all the more fun.
Classic: Bumps and Grinds. Drinking and stripping board game for two to six players, circa 1967.
Free: Check out for free donwnloadable games that you can play with your partner. Try Romantic Dares, where you take turns flipping over virtual cards on screen with s*x tasks for you to complete.
Hand-Job: The Boy Scout Method.
A very sweet cocktail made with 4 ounces orange juice, 2 ounces Absolute Vodka, and equal amounts of Hawaiian Punch and Mountain Dew. Mix gently and pour over ice in a highball glass.
Joy of s*x, The
First published in 1972 by British gerontologist Alex Comfort, MD, PhD, The Joy of s*x: A Gourmet Guide to Lovemaking, is a landmark s*x book known for its er*tic sketches of s*xual positions. The latest update, worth procuring, is
Kissing, Advanced
Sweeten the deal. Eat a strawberry before making out. The sugar activates the sweetness receptors in your mouth, so when you kiss your sense of taste will go into overdrive, says Krista Bloom, PhD, author of The Ultimate Compatibility Quiz.
Try facial intercourse. This smooch mimics s*x from foreplay to penetration, beginning with a tongue exploration inside the mouth. Rub your tongues together in small and large circles, then dart them in and out of your mouths as if you were having intercourse.
Play vampire. Kiss the throat. Since this area is one of the most vulnerable spots on the body, softly kissing and licking it will feel like er*tic torture. The neck is one of the most ticklish spots on the body, so exploring different degrees of sensation can be tantalizing.
Thanks to good marketing, personal lubricants have finally shed their medicinal reputation and are now considered a s*x kit essential. They can help make intercourse more comfortable for a woman and reduce friction for a man, helping him to last longer. Women’s Health contributors tested a box of popular brands and chose these favorites
Double your viewing pleasure during s*x by strategically placing a large mirror near the bed to catch the flickers of candlelight and your bodies in lusty motion. Seeing yourselves engaged in the act will heighten your arousal.
This is s*x without penetration, and it can be incredibly hot. In fact, many women find that because the focus of the friction is on the cli**ris, they can climax quicker and more often through outercourse than intercourse. How-to: Apply a water-based lubricant liberally to the head and shaft of the man-hood and the labia, cli**ris, pubic hair. In one popular version, the woman lies on her back and keeps her legs together, spreading her well-lubed inner thighs just enough for her partner, on top, to slide his erect man-hood between them and her lips. She can now squeeze her lips to tighten her grip on his man-hood as he thrusts and stimulates her cli**ris with his moving shaft. From this position, try various circular motions, squeezes, pelvic lifts, and grinding thrusts to create a good massage for the cli**ris and head of the man-hood.
Missionary, doggy, spoon, almost any position can be enhanced with a few strategically placed pillows. By elevating your hips with a pillow or two, you can alter the angle of his penetration and hit a good spot he may not otherwise reach. You might also try angling pillows like the Liberator ( and other types of s*x furniture. They’ll make your moves easier and more comfortable in bed and out.
Risky s*x
Having s*x at the risk of being observed or getting caught is very exciting for couples that have a touch of exhibitionism in them. If it doesn’t harm anyone physically or emotionally, we don’t see anything wrong with what you’re doing. (Just be discreet when there are kids around.) The problem is that many other risky s*xual behaviors can and do hurt people. At the risk of stating the obvious, when it comes to s*x, we hope you will enjoy yourself, respect one another’s wishes and do no harm.
A love tap on the bum can increase the bond between couples, according to researchers at Northern Illinois University. Plus, women get a jolt of testosterone when they are on the receiving end, but men don’t, according to researchers at the University of Pisa in Italy
Tahitian Method
An oral s*x technique in which you lie perpendicular to her body, and moves your tongue back and forth over the hood of her cli**ris, stimulating both sides of the clit. By resting his middle finger on her perineum, just below her v**ina, you can feel involuntary contractions that’ll offer clues when you’re doing the tongue work properly
V Technique
This is an excellent move for adding clitoral stimulation during self service or intercourse. Form a V with your index and middle fingers and slide them, fingertips pointing down, over the outer labia. Learn how to draw the clitoral hook up to greater stimulation in The Big Book of s*x.
Vaginal squeeze, Iconic Cock Ring, Form 3 and more of her favorite vibrators and more in The Big Book of s*x.
We-Vibe II
The first vibrator that can be used during intercourse. Inserted into the v**ina, the U-shaped device stimulates her cli**ris and G-spot simultaneously—and is narrow enough to allow her partner in.
Nope. Not a new candy, but a tantric position. She faces you sitting on your lap with a pillow under her bottom for easier penetration. The position affords constant man-hood-cli**ris contact, but she controls the pressure. Move slowly.

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