Three people detained as hunter killed 14-year-old girl

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Three unidentified suspects have been detained by the Lagos State Police Command after it was reported that a hunter who was intoxicated killed a fourteen-year-old girl.

Tuesday night is when the event occurred, according to resident James Joel, who spoke on Wednesday.

As of the time of publication, the circumstances surrounding the sad event were still unclear, but our correspondent has learned that the hunter, who was riding a bike in the Ayinla Akera neighbourhood of Orile Agege, Lagos, shot and killed the unidentified girl.

Residents wept as a camera captured the girl lying in a pool of blood.
A few background voices said that the local police officers from the Elere Police Station were the ones who performed the act.

A person could be heard in the video saying, “Policemen from Elere; they have killed somebody.”

Another stated, “They will flee if this turns into a war.”
A voice on the video said, “She was killed while running an errand.”

However, when contacted on Wednesday, the Divisional Police Officer of Elere Station, Amodu Jimoh, rejected the report that connected police officers to the event.

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However, the DPO acknowledged the occurrence by saying, “Our men were patrolling on Tuesday night.” There, on the street, the police officers noticed a crowd of individuals. They made an effort to ascertain the situation. They were informed that a tiny girl had been shot at.

“They noticed the body lying there. The girl was fourteen years old. They want to see the shooter of her. It turned out to be a hunter with a Dane gun, they were told. His inebriation. Beside the location, a woman is selling alcoholic beverages.

“Perhaps the rifle went off as he was going to take something out. He arrived on a bike, therefore it was probably an unintentional release.

The DPO claimed that the body was sent to a nearby hospital and that the woman who owns the store where the victim had his drink was located by the police.

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