Tinubu promises to create industrial hubs to tackle unemployment

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The federal government has made plans to create industrial hubs known in an effort to combat the nation’s increasing unemployment rate and spur job development.

At the 55th International Conference of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Management, which had as its topic “Sustainable Human Resources, Business, and National Development,” on Tuesday in Abuja, President Bola Tinubu made this revelation.

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In the face of international problems, the President, through Nkiru Onyejeocha, Minister of State for Labour and Employment, outlined the administration’s commitment to guiding Nigeria toward self-reliance and minimizing dependency on others.
“We anticipate an unparalleled degree of economic activity characterized by the creation of distinctive industrial hubs that are customized to the advantages of every location within our magnificent country.

“We acknowledge that the only ways to accomplish sustainable development are to guarantee food security, eradicate poverty, and create an atmosphere that is full of employment opportunities.

“In order to achieve our vision, inclusivity is essential; we will highlight women and youth in all of our initiatives, acknowledging their crucial role in our country’s prosperity,” stated the president.

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