Tinubu’s certificate: Stop dragging Nigeria in the mud – Elders’ forum cautions politicians

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The Patriotic Elders Forum of Nigeria has advised politicians to proceed with caution regarding the issue of President Ahmed Bola Tinubu’s certificate, believing that what they are doing is causing significant damage to the nation’s integrity.

They claimed that the ongoing attacks and war of words over the issue between Tinubu’s supporters and those of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) presidential candidate Atiku Abubakar is dragging Nigeria into the mud.

Rising from an emergency meeting in Kano on Thursday, the elders reminded the politicians that “President Tinubu is still the President of Nigeria and attacking his integrity is nothing but a complete attack on the integrity of the nation.”

Dr Bature AbdulAziz, President of the Elders Forum, stated in a communique to journalists that the certificate issue is gradually causing tribal and regional problems that could lead to citizen dissatisfaction.

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“We need to trade this matter with utmost care and respect to the very Person we are talking about who is still the President, it will be good if the Court of Law are allowed to do their jobs, without allowing for public persecution,” he went on to say.

“Politicians should understand that when there is an issue that threatens the nation’s integrity, such as the certificate issue, Nigeria should be seen to rise above the fray.”

“There is no way we will be seen as serious people when we discuss a matter involving the President with common disrespect and disenchantment; we must have some respect for the office President Tinubu is occupying and stop attacking his integrity while allowing the court to do its work.”

“Similarly, the media should also soften their reports on the matter, the way International and Nigeria Media are propagating the Certificate topic is like they have since passed judgement on the matter before the courts.”

He stated that the Nigerian media should not be used to sow discord and complete misunderstanding among citizens, but rather to disseminate information that promotes peace, understanding, love, and regional harmony.

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