To combat smuggling, customs is exploring AI

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In an effort to combat smuggling and increase trade at Nigeria’s land borders and seaports, the Nigerian Customs Service says it is investigating the application of cutting-edge artificial intelligence.

At a recent two-day workshop on the installation of virtual reality technology, hosted by the World Customs Organization, Comptroller-General of Customs Adewale Adeniyi made this revelation while introducing the Time Release Study service.

Malanta Yusuf, the Assistant Comptroller-General, attended the VRT training on behalf of the customs boss. In order to improve trade and expedite cargo clearance, he characterized the use of technologies like VR and TRS as initiatives.

He clarified that the WCO has recognized TRS as a worldwide instrument to expedite the clearance of goods from the point of arrival until their actual release.

In order to encourage the expansion of global trade, the World Customs Organization has developed tools that we, as the comptroller-general, are now embracing along with other customs administrations across the globe.

Through a variety of instruments and tools, including the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement and the Revised Kyoto Convention, the WCO is unwavering in its commitment to advancing customs procedures.

“Tincan Island Port serves as the pilot location for the Time Release Study, an initiative designed to offer thorough insights into the efficiency of customs operations as the TRS in Nigeria.”

The TRS method, in Adeniyi’s words, is a methodical and standardized way to calculate the total amount of time that goods take to arrive at the customs border and then be released.

Pose tracking and three-dimensional near-eye displays are two techniques used in virtual reality to create a simulated environment that gives the user a sense of immersion.

Nigeria has seen an increase in the smuggling of light and small arms into the nation over time, which has made organized crime, human trafficking, and terrorism worse.

Closing land borders has also been implemented as a means of combating smuggling, especially with regard to goods like rice.

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