Uterine fibroids: Agitation from ‘pillar to post’ for a cure

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Tomorrow,  May 17, is the 65th birthday of a Nigerian woman who never experienced period pains, menopausal hot flashes and uterine fibroids. I received the idea for this column when I  remembered her birthday last weekend, and my gaze was flooded with images of  hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of Nigerian women running helter skelter or, as we, also, say, rushing from “pillar to post” in search of a cure for uterine fibroids. I am acquainted with many women for whom such enervative shadow chasing at huge financial costs has been a life-long project from the mid-30s or thereabout. For these women, a huge uterine fibroids cure market has grown nation-wide with many recipes which are either fake medicines or simply target wrong cause(s) in  a long list of potential culprits, thereby earning a bad name. I mentioned this rare Nigerian woman who would be 66 years old tomorrow at a seminar on menopausal problems to which I was invited as a speaker some months ago by Mrs.Sola  Sowemimo, lawyer, farmer and natural health care advocate, who organised it.

Before I  proceed, I would like to paint a small picture of this lucky Nigerian woman. Since my association with her in 1983, I have not observed her cook with any brand of Monosodium Glutamate (MSG), a water loo  of the health of many women and men. MSG is pure sodium. Food crops come with natural sodium content. Some have additional sodium content from fertilisers used on the farms. Sodium is added to raw fish and beef (meat) when they are boiled. Sodium is added to rice, beans and yam when they are cooked, and to stews and soups. Some people add sodium chloride ( table salt) to cassava flakes ( Garri) when they soak it in room temperature water to drink. To what is MSG, a taste  enhancer, not  added nowadays in the cooking pot? I  do not  know how many of Nigerian  women have heard of Dr.  MAX GERSON. I mentioned him and his works to women I counsel about how  they can employ herbs and nutrition to confront practically all health challenges, especially breast cancer and uterine fibroids. Dr. Gerson was a German doctor who successfully employed organic fruit and vegetable  juices and “organic coffee enemas”  to cure some turbulent cancers and tuberculosis. Gerson’s ideas are preserved in  THE GERSON THERAPY which is taught by the GERSON INSTITUTE and is available on the internet.

He taught that all tumours( cancers, and uterine fibroids inclusive), occurs when the interior of the cell loses POTASSIUM, a critical electrolyte, and SODIUM, from the interstitial fluid which  surrounds  the cells,invades the interior of the cell, displacing  or replacing Potassium. In other words, whenever a tumour develops, potassium defficiency must have first occured, either through consuming insufficient potassium rich foods or by consuming foods laden with sodium. Dr. Gerson made us realise that cells are  placid, pale, rumple in a state of potassium deficiency and that   they soon begin to exhibit other abnormal lifestyle and features.  From others researchers, we have  since learned that Potassium, higher in the ELECTROCHEMICAL SERIES of Potassium, Sodium, calcium, Magnesium, Aluminum, Zinc, Iron, Lead and Hydrogen in that order , is what extracts oxygen from the blood plasma into the cell. Sodium inside the cell cannot do this. Hence,a Potassium deficiency cell is  a dying cell. That is why uterine fibroids challenged women look lean and pallid. For its survival , therefore,the Potassium deficient cells alters its existence from an oxygen-using cell (oxidative lifestyles) to a non-oxygen  dependent lifestyle( fermentation). Thus,I encourage  women challenged by uterine fibroids to consume lots of organic fresh leafy vegetables, fruits, some tubers and  their juices  such as from  Banana, unripe plantain and their peels, Avocado pear,Golden melon, water melon, pawpaw, kiwi, tomatoes, potatoes, yam, beans, , pumpkin, carrots, eggplant, kale, spinach, cucumber etc.

The importance of Potassium in the cells is emphasised by researchers and physicians in other areas of health.  Potassium is the essence or heart of the valuable work by Dr Richard Moore titled THE HIGH BLOOD  PRESSURE SOLUTION, NATURAL  PREVENT and CURE WITH THE  K FACTOR. Among Chemist, K is the symbol or formula for Potassium, Na is the one for Sodium, while Mg stands for Magnesium and Ca goes for Calcium Al is for Aluminum,  Zn is for Zinc, Fe is for iron, Sn for Tin,  Pb is for lead and  H represent hydrogen.

Many persons do not know that banana peels and unripe plantain peels are richer,  nutrient for nutrient, especially in Potassium, than banana and plantain they cover. Banana peel may be eaten raw with Banana or diced on foods such as rice, beans, pap, porridge e t.c Unripe plantain may be grated with fruits and cooked as plantain porridge. Diseased peels should be avoided. Healthy peels should be soaked in saline water or cider (white) vinegar as solution for sometime before they are prepared for eating.

Different views

There are as many possible causes of uterine fibroids as there are research groups which are studying them. In this case,they are like  the proverbial elephant whose features are being described by blind persons examining different parts of the body. Thus,while some researchers  put the blame for developing uterine fibroids on the over consumption of naked or white sugar or on the deficiency of bitter principles in the diet or on calcification and poor blood circulation in the  uterus, some see the culprits as free radicals and oxidative stress damage, blockages in the blood circulation capillary and vein networks, poor nerve energy flow to the uterine from the Autonomous Nervous system hampered by subluxation, obsessive  worries fora “fruit of the womb), second chakra energy loss or shutdown, that is energy flow disconnection between the over-self and the physical body in a spirit- soul- body matrix or network. It was  this latter point I  emphasised at the talk on menopausal challenges which I said earlier Mrs Sola Sowemimo organised in Lagos sometime last year for upswinging  women she was grooming for business, women’s roles in the home and for women’s health as well. From the foregoing, it should be obvious why many uterine fibroids proprietary formulas tend to  fail, and challenged women keep spending more money on new ones  as they move, seemingly blindly, hither and thither, from pillar to post in search of a cure for several of the formulas they had been on, or are on, may not have been right on the mark of the trouble makers. For example, anxiety over the fruit of the womb may not feature in every case. I was privileged to observe some mothers of  three or four children with  fibroids.These  cases were cannot caused by emotional damage from grieving over a lack of the fruit of the womb. They were hypothyrodic women. In 1984, I had  the case of a woman with a pseudo or false pregnancy. She and my wife attended the same antenatal clinic. Her breast grew preparing milk for a supposedly coming baby which had caused her womb to appropriately enlarged however  a scan in the fourth month found no foetus in her womb. In her book WOMEN BODY WOMEN WISDOM, American  GYNAECOLOGIST DR. Christiane  Northrup said serious emotional ferment or  prolong emotional damage may cause this kind of condition and even uterine fibroids. In order words, the uterus in compensating the woman for her dream which are not fulfil. Accordingly, a uterine fibroids remedy will miss the mark if its was designed  for a curative agent outside this “mind over matter phenomenon”.

Sugar and bitters

Many women love  sweet things and dislike bitter principles. Both are opposite ends of a pole. Sugars give energy, especially as brain food. Bitters stimulate the cleansing powers of the body, especially through the liver. In their wisdom, Yoruba forebears advise that ORE ENU, OTA INU( friends of the month , enemies of the organs). Likewise they say OTA ENU ORE INU( Enemies of  the mouth, friends of the organs). This saying encourages the striking of a healthy balance in the consumption of sweet and  bitter things. However, few women respect the bitter. Our 66  birthday reference point for this column is “bitters” for woman even at 66. Any wonder that, as of this date, her weight has averaged 52-55Kg, rising only to 60 about two weeks from the birth of a child, since her  days as student union leader at the then University of Ife (1975-80), first as a chemical engineering university scholar before political activism dragged her into political science. That is a whopping 48 years! Sugar may be good for the brain as brain food, but too much of it can also be a poison. It may not only thicken the blood, slow oxygen circulation, procure a favourable environment for bacteria, viruses and fungi to overgrow their populations, cause attention deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD),mental confusion and behavioural imbalances, including aggressive behaviour and all of that. There is  ample evidence that it disorient the pituitary gland. This gland, also known as the master gland because its controls many of the body’s system through hormones, is situated in the brain. It is often call the “Choir Master” or orchestra band leader of the reproductive system because its exercises a great deal of control over its organs. When the head is out of  wack, what is  left of the rest of  the  body? S state of imbalance of course! This could be the origin of the hormonal imbalances associated with ESTROGENERATION, which has been well linked to uterine fibroids,cervical and breast cancers, and ovarian challenges. Estrogeneration simply means that estrogen, a hormone,  is nominating other hormones, especially progesterone, instead of existing in harmonious balance with them, thereby causing the uterine lining to grow fibriod or polyps. This is why there is often disharmony among organs of a woman’s reproductive system.  Helps such as Vitex, Mecca, Ashwaghanda may lock the ovaries into line but only for a while if the pituitary gland remains disoriented.  Hands up, any woman who is not a SWEET TOOTH!

 Energy defficiency

Power is the starting point of everything. I am not talking about “impelled” power, which Scientists also mistakenly call “primordial power” when they speak about machines. I am speaking, rather about LIFE, i.e GOD. Power or  Life or God are inseparable, need nothing  to exist or to be and is the source or origin of  all that exist. From Revealed Knowledge, we learn  that God is LIGHT, that THE LIGHT  Radiates, that the species of everything capable of existing exists in the Radiation of THE LIGHT, that the Radiation generates pressure, that pressure produces warmth, that warmth generates Movement, that Movement produces heat and heat Produces White Heat, that the human spirits cannot exist in this environment and, as spirit seed germs, had to be lowered into the depth at a measurable distances from White Heat where the pressure of the Radiation of the Light  has been made to reduce well enough for this entities to sprout, flower and fruit before they can return to their own home in Paradise which is still far, far below the region of White Heat.

 In respect  of uterine fibroids, there is an apparent loss of energy in the pelvic region due to several observed factors, some of them auxiliary or  co-factors. We human beings  are sparks of energy from the Radiation of God who are expected to develop these sparks into luminous human spirit beings. We are not our physical earth bodies. Rather, each of us is the “breath of Life” in his or her own body which we are to continually energise through our own  radiation. Thus, heavy microbial presence in uterine fibroids specimens,like calcification,blood circulation, blockages,  incomplete menstruation discharge, pseudo or false pregnancies may be mere accompaniments of an energy crisis in the pelvic region of a woman which,  nevertheless, the aforementioned may complicate.

In the pelvis, energy problems may come from two major sources. ..the diet and from the second chakra( please  see second chakra literature in the internet).For a long period, the diet may have been deficient  in living foods with high quality life energy that SEMUYOR  KIRLIAN discovered in his photography experience ( please see  SEMUYOR KIRLIAN photographic techniques in the internet). Food-less foods such as poultry chicken and egg and naked sugars, will produce lifeless health and meso.  In  their RAW ENERGY and NEW RAW ENERGY, Deborah and Leslie Kenton invited attention to how Potassium-rich foods , especially fresh vegetable juices, reverse this trend. They also reported experiments in which high amount of beta carotene in the blood prevented menstruation in a group of women who , nevertheless, were  more fertile and easily became pregnant! Dr. Karl Folkers( see internet ) had been  educating us  since about   1952 about  how Co enzymes Q10 (CoQ10) or  its  better form, UBIQUINOL, increases energy yield  throughout the body to the point that they even helped to reverse some recalcitrant breast cancers. This good supplement is  well recommended especially for mental health, heart, kidney, liver and cancer challenged persons. 

The second chakra may seem difficult to appreciate , but it is not from the stand-point of the  question: WHAT IS MAN? To answer  the question, it is better to begin with the starting-Point of everything as already discussed above. …LIFE that is GOD, the Almighty Creator. He is LIGHT. The Light Radiates. The Radiation of THE LIGHT is not THE LIGHT, but merely a quality of the Light which is that the LIGHT  Radiates. In the Radiation of THE LIGHT are many creatures which are capable of personal existence outside the immediate vicinity of THE LIGHT where Pressure, Warmth,Movement, Heat and White Heat and that have been stepped down to convenient voltages. The  human spirit  is one of those creature species. It was  brought down to the Earth as a spirit seed germs. Only here was the soul and environment most suitable for its sprouting , flowering, and fruiting before it can return to its home, Paradise,where its acquired  energy can withstand the stepped down Pressure and Energy streaming down  to the higher spheres of existence. Thus, on Earth, the human body is not MAN, but the vessels in which MAN,the HUMAN SPIRIT, experiences existence on Earth.  The other vessels acquired by the Human seed germ on its way downwards here in Earth, and itself but without the Earth body, is THE SOUL. The Earth body has no life of its own. It is ignited and brought to life when the soul connect with it. The point of connection is called THE CHAKRA. It is like the socket in the wall and the plug of, say,the electric fan, television set or the refrigerator or computer. There are SEVEN CHAKRAS, each concerned with the powering of a different part of the body. We are concerned with the SECOND CHAKRA which  powers the PELVIC where there are organs such as the ovaries, fallopian tubes, uterus,the cervix and a woman secret place.

When this region cannot connect properly, with the second chakra, an energy “ black-out” occurs, the organs wilt and may degenerate, even malfunction. The disconnection may because by several factors including , especially, emotional damage which leads to negative emotions.

The female specie of human  is meant to be the “DECIDING FACTOR” in Creation . However, many factors have conspired to deprive it of this leading  role. One of them is her own  decisions to function like  the male specie, which  hampers her role of “the deciding factor” for certain reasons. Thus, in matters concerned with seizing control  in marriage, office and business space, money,  sex e.t.c,many women do suffer emotional  damage from not being able to achieve their dreams.  Emotional damages shuts down the SECOND CHAKRA and placed the disconnected organs in health  jeopardy ( please read on the internet the book THE CREATION OF HEALTH by Dr Norman  Sheally, an American  Surgeon,and Carolyn Myss, a spiritual  intuitive).  They healed many ailments,including some cancers, by teaching the sufferers to unblock their blocked energy chakras. 

From  the foregoing, it should be easily to appreciate why only one herbal remedy may not be able to resolve the wide matrix of uterine fibroids. Eating the right kinds of foods, drinking the right kinds of drinks, keeping emotional damage at bay would appear to immensely help, as our birthday woman has discovered.

To help the  energy profile of the PELVIC region among  men and women with health questions in this  area of the body, knowledge of QUANTUM ENERGY MINERALS is growing nowadays. So, we now have different gadgets made from these minerals which, when  applied to  specific areas of the body, improve the energy content of these parts of the body through their own quantum energy radiations. In the pelvic region, a QUANTUM ENERGY BOXER is now available for men and women’s health. It may complement efforts to naturally  solved uterine fibroids and other female  malaise, and prostate  gland questions in the  case of men.

Thanks to  Dr. Matilda   Adedayo Oluyemi  Kusa for exemplary healthy living  at 66 which inspired this column, always above the weather, body and soul, in thunderous emotional storms which damage and  drown many women.

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