By Gabriel Ikese

Ormin Torsar Victor is an admirable young personality. He hails from Gwer West Local Government Area of Benue State. He is very humble, God-fearing, business savvy Tiv man with a simple lifestyle. Ormin TV created a niche for himself as a successful businessman. He accumulated excellent successes in spite of the odds in a turbulent economy.

His success as a young man is an attribute of his enviable personality. Very humble and highly disciplined prodigy, Ormin is largely admired for his sheer hardwork, commitment and generosity. His pedigree does not allow for any kind of complacency. Ormin was brought up in a family that prides around with integrity and honesty. A legacy he is not prepared to compromise but to bequeath to his children.

Growing up as a young man, his concern was how to address the numerous problems confronting his people. He noted, so helplessly at the time, that his people lacked government presence. They lived in abject poverty and have continued to groan in pain and penury. These are the memories that shaped his desire to impact positively on his people and humanity.

Living with his people afforded him in-depth understanding of their situation and the enormity of problems they lived with. He has intellectual hold of the material facts and a grasp of situations that troubled the community. Therefore, he did not hesitate when fortune smiled on him; to give back to the society. He assumed a heavy burden of responsibility to emancipate his people from the grip of underdevelopment.

Ormin Torsar Victor developed the implicit desire to serve humanity. His philanthropic gestures are well reputed. He identified education as instrumental to societal growth and articulated key strategy on human capital development. Ormin disbursed series of incentives through scholarships to deserving youth populations. This gesture is unprecedented among his peers. A deliberate act of generosity aimed at empowering the people to acquire quality education that would bring about development.

Ormin’s tentacle also extended to women and the elderly, through financial empowerment and provision of basic facilities within his limited resources to ameliorate the sufferings in the communities. In appreciation of this kind generosity, the people impressed it on him to volunteer his services to represent them at the National Assembly.

Ormin considered the request carefully and realized the need for political authority to achieve his other goals which are beyond his capacity as an individual. His desire to serve is therefore not for personal benefits, but in order to fulfill certain purposes or polices that would engender development to his constituency.

The People’s Choice

The generally held conception was that when you talk about young people and politics, it’s usually to discuss young people’s disengagement with formal politics. Ormin Torsar Victor is more than determined to change that conception and has decided to take the bull by the horn.

Destiny beckons on him to serve his people and he cannot afford to disappoint the confidence reposed in him. He obeyed the clarion call and declared his intention to represent his people (Gwer East/Gwer West Federal Constituency) at Abuja. And like the Biblical Moses, Ormin will be saddled with the responsibility to shepherd his people out of Egypt.

Ormin embarked on wide consultations and reached out to stakeholders. His acceptance is very overwhelming. People in his constituency; elders and youths alike, are well receptive of his intention to run and unanimously endorsed him. His candidature is more appealing to the people because it is in line with the standing zoning arrangement that was adopted in the constituency. They rated his capacity and eligibility far above other contestants and found him worthy to invest their trust.

Vote the right choice

Ormin did not only excel in his chosen vocation, he is also knowledgeable in many other relevant spheres of life for effective leadership. He combined sound trainings, with years of successful multi-dimensional, definitive, practical and crowning experience. He is indeed a tactician with a cutting edge. Ormin is ultimately the people’s choice as stakeholders and Party heavyweights in the constituency give their blessings and total support to his New Vision, New Direction come 2019.

The collective aspiration of the people is to have a candidate who will truly represent them at the lower chamber of the National Assembly. And the person whose only agenda is to render selfless service and attend to the needs of the people. Ormin Torsar is one person that has demonstrated that capacity. His pedigree is a reflection of his selfless commitment. The people had benefited from his generosity and hold him in high regards. His reputation precedes him.

The choice before us is clear, and for many of us, it has been made in favour of Ormin Torsar Victor. In the spirit of our God-given freedom of selection; in the spirit of our citizenship fundamental human rights, as enshrined in our constitution; as well as in the spirit of our democratic liberty, which gives every person opportunity to freely make a choice in matters of this nature, let us confirm our collective endorsement of Ormin Torsar Victor by casting our votes where our heart is.

Ikese is a Political Analyst and Columnist at The Nigerian