By Ajogwu Jerry 

President Muhammadu Buhari resolved to visit ‘troubled states’ of the federation and the government of Benue state played host to the number one citizen who came on a condolence visit few weeks after the recent crises that erupted between farmers and herdsmen in the ‘food basket of the nation’.

As a routine, Nigerians usually troop out to catch a glimpse of their President anytime he is visiting a particular region or state but in Benue state, the reverse is the case. There was no pictures or videos envisaging a warm reception perhaps because the people are mourning. However, it calls for caution and lessons because every hump in the political terrain wields much significance that may reflect now or later.  

While in Benue, President Muhammadu Buhari expressed his displeasure by asserting that the Inspector General of Police disobeyed his directions and orders concerning the lingering crises in the state and he openly confessed he was not aware of the development prior to the time of his visit. 

This singular revelation instigated a new styled hullabaloo of reactions, welcoming similar headlines feature by the major national dailies in the country. 

Nigerians are keeping fingers crossed viewing from a distance, the punishment which is presently in the oven for a disobedient servant. Be that as it may, pundits may clash in an attempt to divulge in depth meaning to Mr President’s candid confession in Benue state. Reasons not farfetched, will it be right to maintain he is not in tune with trends in the country or he is too busy to be briefed? 

What are the official procedures for a follow-up of presidential order or it dissipate into thin air without monitoring? This is mind boggling and painfully baffling. 

The statement must not end there. The lines from Benue state must be remarked to shadow in other states of the federation, to ascertain why many official dictates are left undone, perhaps because the President is unaware of current happenings in the country. The remarks from Benue is an eye opener that calls for ponder and quick assessments to uncover further negligence of duties.

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