This crying woman needs advice
This crying woman needs advice
This crying woman needs advice

“Dear Editor,
My name is Dorcas, a 35-year-old woman. I have been married for 15 years and after my first child, I have not been able to have another baby.
I have had more than seven miscarriages and all efforts medically and spiritually to help me have a child has been futile.
Before now, my husband, Bernard, had been very supportive and stood by me even when members of his family had insisted that he sent me packing or get another wife to give him more children.
He always told them that God is the one that gives children and warned his family to stay off our matter.
But that trust was thrown to the wind when I found out that Bernard had gotten my housemaid and apprentice pregnant and was planning to go and see her parents in their village.
The girl, Bola, was brought to me by a friend and customer to serve as an apprentice in my baking business as well as serve me as a maid, so naturally, she had to live in our house.
Apart from being very industrious and hardworking, Bola presented this front of an innocent girl though she had a great shape that belied her 19 years.
Though she was not very beautiful, she had a shape that made men in our street keep disturbing her and whenever she told me about it, I would tell her not to mind them and concentrate on her work.
Little did I know that my own husband would later turn around to betray me with my housemaid.
I only got to know when Bola told me she was going to visit her sick mother and would spend some time to take care of the mother. I bought a lot of things including clothes and provisions for her to take to her mother and gave her enough money to sustain her.
But I was shocked when three days later, the friend that brought her to me called to ask me why I did not tell her that Bola was pregnant and that my husband had gotten her pregnant and was coming to meet with her parents in two week’s time.
I told my friend to stop such a joke as I did not find it funny but she told me that when Bola got to the village, she told her mother that she was three months pregnant and that it was my husband who got her pregnant and would come to meet her people formally.
When Bernard came home from work that day, I confronted him on the story I heard and while I was expecting him to deny such happening, he boldly told me that since I could no longer bear him a child, he had to get one somewhere and that Bola was just perfect for him.
He has insisted on getting married to her and has told me that if I can’t live with her, I am free to leave his house.
I am really disturbed. How do I live with my housemaid as my co-wife? Why would a man I have spent 15 years with do this to me? Why are men like this?
Dear readers, on True Confession today, what do you think Dorcas should do in this situation?

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