Sad Man
Sad Man
This sad man needs advice fast

“Dear Editor,
My name is Marshal, a 38-year-old man. I live and work in Lagos while my wife, Ada, stays in Abuja with our kid.
The whole family lived in Abuja before I got a job in Lagos and had to relocate. My wife was not happy with the idea of relocating to Abuja and even advised me to reject the job even though the salary was five times what I was making in Abuja.
The Lagos company provided me with a house, a car and other perks that I could not refuse as I saw that as step up in my career.
I tried to talk to my wife to leave Abuja and even had her family members and friends to talk to her but she insisted on staying in Abuja.
So we had an arrangement where I would go there every month end or public holidays while she too would be coming to Lagos once in a while.
Little did I know that her refusal to relocate to Lagos was to give her the chance to misbehave and start sleeping around with men.
I got to know about her sordid acts after just six months. It was not the end of the months but I had been feeling sick and decided to go to Abuja to rest for a while.
I did not call Ada to tell her I was coming, so I boarded a flight and when I got to the Abuja airport, I took a taxi home only to meet the maid with our three-year-old son.
When I asked where my wife had gone to, the maid said she did not know. I called her to find out where she was but when she heard my voice, she promptly cut the call but before she did, I had heard a male voice in the background.
When I tried to call again, Ada had switched off her phone and it remained so till she came back almost two hours later.
She was surprised to see that I was in Abuja and when I asked where she was, she could not give me any reasonable answer.
Because I did not want to start a fight, I just let it slight. I began noticing that whenever a call came in, Ada would leave my presence to answer the call or tell the person that she would call back.
These calls came at odd hours, even at night. I was suspicious but remained calm. She was always chatting on her phone and whenever I was close by, she would hide her phone from me.
Some days later, she was in the bathroom and had forgotten to take her phone as usual, when a call came in. I picked the phone to check who the caller was and to my surprise, the caller ID I saw was ‘my love.’
I cut the call and went straight to her message file and that was when I almost fainted. There were several messages and raunchy talks from men, telling her how good she was in bed, what she did to them and how they could not wait for her to come meet them.
The most surprising one was my wife telling one man that she could not wait for ‘her useless’ husband to leave so she could have her life back.
That was not the one that almost made me faint. I saw one where she wrote that she had just ‘aborted the baby’ and that the money the man gave her had been exhausted.
I sat in shock waiting for her to come in and when she came in and saw me with her phone, I saw the look of horror and anger on her face. She wanted to snatch the phone from me but I told her I would kill her if she dared try.
I confronted her with all the evidence I had and instead of being sober, she was blaming me for abandoning her in Abuja because of Lagos women. Imagine such?
I did not want to lose my temper, so I quietly packed my things, took my son to my older sister and left for Lagos.
Our family members have been begging me to come for a settlement but how can I ever live with such an adulterous wife? I am done with the marriage.
Dear readers, having gone through Marshal’s pathetic story on True Confession today, what do you think he should do?

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