Diane wants lesbianism legalised in Nigeria, says she’s attracted to girls

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Big Brother Naija star and model Diane Russet says she would love to see lesbianism legalised in Nigeria.

The 25-year-old made this revelation on Instastories on Tuesday after asking her followers to share a secret they had never told anyone.

A follower wrote: “I’m so attracted to girls! I wish lesbianism is legal, I would love to date a girl.”

Diane responded: “This conversation hmm I doubt Nigeria will because we are too religious. Won’t type much before someone misquotes me. I will love to see it legalised though.”

Homosexuality is outlawed in many socially conservative African societies including Nigeria.

In 2014, a law that bans same-sex “amorous relationships” was introduced.

Born Precious Yashim, Diane is a native of Kaduna State.

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