5 sex positions excellent for weight loss

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By Adesoba Toluwalope

Who says you have to spend long hours at the gym to burn fat when you can do it in bed. Experts believe sex is also an exercise because of its benefits.

When trying to lose weight, it’s crucial to know areas you tend to lose more weight. It’s also important to know your ability. Jogging is more intense but burns more calories while walking is less intense, the number of calories burnt while walking is slight that of sex according to experts.

So the question is, is sex a workout exercise?

During sex, your heart races fast, you burn calories, you stretch and sweat, and this helps to strengthen the muscles. So yeah, sex can be called an exercise.

So why not try these sex positions that will give you pleasure yet burn those stubborn fat away from your body.

Here are a few sex positions you can try:

1. LOTUS:- Lotus seem to be one of the easiest and intimate sex position. The man sits and the woman balances on the thigh while they give themselves pleasure. This can help strengthen your glutes and core.

2. COWGIRL:- Both cowgirl and reverse cowgirl seem to be women’s favourite. They seem to be more in control while the man lay down to enjoy the pleasure. This position helps with the tummy, lower abs, pelvic muscles, calves and laps. It helps to build leg muscles as well.

3. BRIDGE:  It is more demanding to the women but strengthens the arms and upper region. The woman raises her body off the ground or bed and relies on her arms for support. Her body is parallel to the bed. This stretches and builds the biceps, triceps, abs and glutes.

4. DOGGY STYLE:- This position stimulates a woman’s G-Spot but the fun doesn’t end there. It strengthens the woman’s core, glutes and quadriceps for the woman and improves the quads and core of the man.

5. WHEELBARROW: This strengthens the arms of both the woman and the man.

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