Bello-Williams, ADC candidate, denies withdrawing from Kogi governorship race

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Ahead of the state’s November governorship election, African Democratic Congress candidate for governor of Kogi State Dele Bello-Williams has vowed not to resign for anyone.

The clarification followed rumors that Bello-Williams had resigned in favor of Leke Abejide, who is running on a different party platform under the name ADC and was spreading in some state-wide circles.


He stated that no negotiations have taken place with him and that “nobody can force me to step down for another candidate at this crucial time” in a telephone interview with our Lokoja correspondent on Tuesday. even if any sort of negotiations took place.

“I bought my form and contested a legitimate primary election, other candidates bought their forms, so I don’t see any reason I should go and negotiate with somebody else and thereby betray the trust of my supporters throughout the state,” Dele Bello-Williams said. I’ve never considered that.

“I’m in it to win it. I’m not prepared to retire in favor of anyone.

“I have a grassroots base and supporters; I didn’t show up to run alone,” he continued. To save the state, my people encouraged me to apply for the position. Some individuals specialize in spreading rumors out of greed. They don’t care about the general public. I am steadfastly committed to enhancing the quality of life for the majority in Kogi State.

I firmly believe in God’s will and consider myself to be a man of principles. God gives authority to whoever He pleases, regardless of the haughtiness of supposedly powerful men. My priorities are clear, so let the rumor mongers carry on with their foolishness. They most likely turned to this rumor-mongering strategy out of nervousness, confusion, or uncertainty about both themselves and their candidates. They unwittingly acknowledged that I am the most trustworthy contender in this contest.

He urged anyone who could provide evidence that he had resigned to run for office instead. He promised to support his backers and the state’s residents throughout the campaign and promised complete transparency with any decisions made by his team.

He urged his followers to ignore “the malicious stories about stepping down secretly and to remain focused on the task ahead.”

Kogi state needs a governor who understands the value of making decisions based on evidence because doing so will have long-term, positive effects on the lives of its residents, according to Bello-Williams. He emphasized that effective leadership is not just about money, saying that integrity, experience, and a commitment to leading matter a lot. He claimed to have a strong global brand and reputation for successfully leading teams and projects.

“I am the best candidate to lead Kogi State during this period. He insisted, “I have not resigned.”


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