CAN cautions FG not to engage with terrorists

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The Federal Government has been cautioned by the Christian Association of Nigeria not to negotiate with terrorists and bandits or to give them amnesty.

CAN stated that the federal government need to seek outside assistance if it was so powerless to combat terrorism.

The alert was sent out on Monday by Sunday Oibe, the North-West Zone Secretary of CAN.

He was responding to a claim that certain federal government representatives were in talks with bandits in Zamfara State.

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“It’s abhorrent and repulsive for the Nigerian government to continue torturing us as a people,” he declared. The phrase “unknown gunmen” did this and that has been bandied about a lot. All of a sudden, the federal government is permitting some of its representatives to engage in negotiations with the criminals since they are now well-known as the gunmen.

Our continued rejection will prevent this issue from being resolved. Nothing compares to bandits or unidentified gunmen. This is a coordinated criminal attack on the defenseless rest of us. These people are employed, trained, and given authority by succeeding administrations, who then use them against the rest of us.

Are we implying that the Nigerian government is utterly powerless to defeat these adversaries? If our country has degenerated to this point, let’s swallow our pride and go for assistance abroad. The moment to end this conflict is now. For my part, I oppose the notion of bargaining with lawbreakers and state foes. The administration should quit playing games and know what to do.

“Negotiation is not the answer,” he said.

The CAN scribe stated, “The solution is rather the demonstration of political will to root out these criminals from the very root.”

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